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American Marconi 
Canadian Army Comm System in Canada  - 1944
Canadian Marconi  Equipment
Crowsnest Magazine 1943 - 1965
Crypto Machines
HMCS Algonquin (R17/224)
HMCS Athabaskan  (R79/DDE219)
HMCS Cayuga (R04/DDE218)
HMCS Iroquois (G89/DDE217)
HMCS Haida (G63/DDE215) 
HMCS HAIDA Reference Manuals
HMCS Haida Radar and Radio photos from 1946
HMCS Huron (G24/DDE216)
HMCS Micmac (R10/DDE214)
HMCS Nootka (R96/DDE213)
HMCS Sioux (R64/225)
Hyperbolic Radionavigation Systems
Marconi UK - Vintage Marine Electronics
Radio Communications and SIGINT In The Canadian Navy
Reading Room (Radio Stories)
Reference Library
Ships of the Canadian Tribal Class
Skywide Amateur Radio Club
Sonar, Radar and IFF Systems
Tribal Modelers 
USS Pueblo  (Electronics Fit)
VE3FAB - Jerry Proc 


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