HF/DF Office. Forward bulkhead.

Marconi B28 receiver at left on shelf. Maconi FH4 DF receiver; power supply for FH4 on shelf at right. At the very right of the photo is a flexible voice pipe.

The FH4 tuned 1 to 24 MHz and employed a CRT for direct visual bearing indication.

RCN Photo 1749-65

HF/DF Office. Forward bulkhead.

FH4 receiver at bottom, FH4 power supply on shelf. The four fat cables egressing from the deckhead are the coaxial cables for the forward/aft (F/A) and port/starboard (P/S) antenna loops. The large box with the eight cable connections is a junction box which interconnects the four coaxial cables from the FH4 to the loop antenna cables.

RCN Photo HS 1749-66

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