(Now Radio 1)

Main W/T Office. Forward bulkhead.

Power supply and distribution boards for 230 volt, 50 cycle, 5 kva power source.

RCN Photo HS 1749-60

Main W/T Office. Starboard bulkhead, forward end.

From left to right, Marconi FM12 MF/DF receiver. Marconi Receivers B28, B29, B28.

RCN Photo HS 1749-61

Main W/T Office. Aft view

On starboard bulkhead; from front to back - B28 receiver, Hallicrafters HT11 on shelf with curved supports, space for B28 receiver, Wavemeter Type GJ. On the port side of the photo, from front to back - Battery box for British Admiralty 4T Transmitter, Westinghouse TBL12 and 4T transmitter.

Select here for an enlarged view. (67 kb JPG).

RCN Photo HS 1749-62

Main W/T Office. After end, port side.

Front to back - TBL 12 transmitter, 4T transmitter. It looks like someone has left their clothing at the back of the battery cabinet. At the far end, is a heat radiator.

RCN Photo HS 1749-63

Main W/T Office. Port bulkhead.

Battery charging board for 86M VHF transmitter/receiver (SCR 522) over desk; AC distribution board at far left, two TBS transmitter/receivers on middle and top of rack, 86M (SCR 522) at bottom of rack.

On forward bulkhead, TBS speaker and DC distribution board.

RCN Photo HS 1749-64

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