(Now Radio 2)

Second W/T Office. 291M Section, forward bulkhead.

291 transmitter; 291 receiver; 291 indicator; Aerial control under indicator. Power supply board for outfit DUF (under aerial control); PPI; 242 IFF modulator...mixer, transmitter, IFF responser below PPI.

On starboard bulkhead, PPI control bpard; 242 IFF control board.

RCN Photo HS 1749-67

Type 291 was the final British 214 Mcs (P-Band) small ship, air search radar that was introduced in 1942. Early versions of this set required separate transmitting and receiving antennas, but a TR (transmit/ receive) box was soon developed. The 291 antenna had a beam width of 40 degrees and was of the lazy 'H' construction. Power output was 100 kilowatts at a pulse length of 1.1 microseconds. It had the capability of detecting a bomber at 15 nm.

Second W/T Office. After bulkhead.

Battery box; charging board; Admiralty 4T transmitter.

RCN Photo HS 1749-68

Second W/T Office. After bulkhead - 4T Transmitter

Port bulkhead..B28 receivers.

RCN Photo HS 1749-69

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