SRE Compartment. Forward Bulkhead.

Radio receiver in top of rack. A box of records can be seen to its right. Amplifier is in bottom position. Assume that turntable is out of view in this photo.

It was the job of the radio operator to man the ship's SRE and play records for the entertainment of the crew. All mess decks, including the wardroom and Captain's quarter were equipped with speakers. Besides playing the popular music of the day, the operator would usually slip in records that reflected his personal music style. Profits from ship's canteens were used to purchase new records thus increasing the variety of music in the library.

To overcome the motions of pitch and roll, record turntables were mounted in a rather heavy gimbals mount which kept them level. Most of the faults that occurred in the SRE were in the speaker connections or speaker cones and were induced by the firing of the ship's guns and vibrations from the ship itself.

Can anyone identify the equipment models in the photo? Is it Admiralty Pattern or of North American origin?

RCN Photo HS 1749-70

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