In  1919 almost all of the assets, financial, capital, technical and human were transferred from American Marconi to the Radio Corporation of America. American Marconi was dissolved as a corporation in April 1920 but some of the Marconi trademarks like the Marconigram continued to soldier on, 
Back side of the Marconigram. 
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Radio in its infancy. United States Postal Servive commemoration.

American Marconi advertisement from 1917, The Woolworth building was built in 1910. (Via Wikipedia)


Above and Below: American Marconi Telegraph services. (Images via WorthPoint)



This American Marconi ad appeared in the January 1915 issue of Wireless Age magazine, (Ad provided by Bruce MacMillan M0SOE)
Radio equipment aboard ships was constantly being upgraded. American Marconi equipment removed from ships was refurbished by Marconi technicians to factory specs, catalogued and offered for sale. Potential buyers could purchase individual  components or complete assemblies. Featured in this catalog were: 1 KW Marine Standard Transmitter, 2 KW Marine Standard Transmitter, Auxiliary Coil Transmitter, Type 'D' tuner , Type 'E'  tuner and type A transmitting key. The date of this catalogue is not known.  Also unknown, is the frequency of publication.  

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