CSEE = Canadian Signals Experimental Establishment
Frequency range:  1350 KHz to 22 MHz
Power :   120 VAC or batteries. Power supply uses two 6X5 rectifiers.

Comments The type 9 is a very rare receiver with the only two known examples which are S/N 109 and 114, This is a 15 tube rack mounted unit with a matching speaker which has  a metallic grille.  It is suspected  that the R-9 was built by CSEE for the RCCS in low numbers. A 15 tube receiver suggests a high level of functionality but it doesn't seem to be reflected from the front panel controls.

If anyone can provide additional information on the R9, please contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca

R9 overall view. This receiver was featured on E-bay in 2016. Click on image to enlarge.
Closeup of  R9 dial. Click on image to enlarge.
R9 with matching speaker and tan finish. 
R9 nameplate
All photos in this table via Ebay

1) Tom Brent
2) , Dave . Whiting  VA3QG  <Barbar3380(at) outlook.com>

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Oct 20/21