BLAZON: On a field Argent, a North American Indian clad in buckskin breeches, leggings and beaded moccasins, but bare to the waist except for a necklace of bear's claws and blue shells and ear ornaments of the last. The Indian wears the full-feathered head-dress and is mounted bare-back upon an Indian pony being halted from the trot. The Indian holds a red bow and arrow in the "ready" position, the latter pointing down.

SIGNIFICANCE: This badge design is based on the one which had been planned by officers of the original Athabaskan, but was not completed before that ship was lost in action with the enemy. The elements of the originally planned design have been retained in the new official badge as a special fighting tribute to those gallant officers and men who went down with their ship fighting.

Those of the original ship's company who survived that fateful night, as well as those now serving in the new Athabaskan, may take the utmost pride in their badge for it commemorates an action that ranks with the best in British naval history of courage and devotion to duty.

SHIP'S COLOURS: White and Scarlet
MOTTO: "We fight as one"
BATTLE HONOURS:  Korea 1950-1953

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