Frequency range: 250 to 550 KHz plus 2182 KHz. Bandspread range is 285 to 315 KHz.

Variants: Lodestar, Lodestar II and Lodestar III. Mark III is assumed to be solid state.
Type: A reference to type 2464A was found on the web. Do not know which variant it is associated with.

Comments: One radio op commented  "The Lodestar could be used in manual or automatic mode. In manual it was left to the operators ability to sense the signal null. However in Automatic Mode this was done automatically and a scale pointer on its front panel simply rotated to and pointed to the bearing on a scale 0-360 degrees relative to the ships "head" or central fore-aft axis. This was way ahead of its time for merchant ships. It used the Bellini-Tosi principle of crossed loops erected on the front of the "Monkey Island" just above the bridge. Overall this unit was excellent. It had an excellent receiver with good selectivity and sensitivity and good band spread and stability".

Lodestar is the successor to the Lodestone series.

Lodestar III MK ? (Photo courtesy Ships Nostalgia web page)

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Oct 17/12