RELIANCE (NT102) Emergency Transmitter


Modes: MCW , Carrier was modulated with a 400 Hz tone.
Power: 130 watts
Frequency range: 365 to 525 KHz
Frequency control: MOPA?
Power input - 24 volt emergency battery power
1) This transmitter also goes by the designation RT102.
2) There are references on the web to the "Reliant" transmitter, however, no data or photo has ever turned up to substantiate this. It is believed that the "Reliance" transmitter is being called a Reliant transmitter since the names sound very close.

Reliance photo courtesy Marconi Marine International
The Marconi Reliance as seen in the radio room  of MV Quebec VCXL in April 1971. (Photo from the collection of Paul duMesnil by way of Spud Roscoe) 
Reliance transmitter in colour. (From the collection  of Chelsea Cottage) 
Nameplate from above photo.

Contributors and Credits:

1) Sandy Blaize  <ebjr37(at)>
2) Spud Roscoe <spudroscoe(at)>
3) Ad Wouterson  PA2PCH <a.wouterson(at)>
6) David Samways <gdas1(at)>
7) Reliance Transmitter colour photo from Roger  <>]

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