SALVOR 4 Reserve Transmitter


Modes:  A1A and A2A.   Also A3 reduced carrier on 2182 KHz
RF Power: ?
Frequency range:410 KHz to 512 KHz Likely fitted with crystals for spot frequencies of :
410, 425, 454, 468, 480, 500 and  512 KHz .

Frequency control: Crystal
Mains Power input - 24V DC supply from battery mains
Weight - ?
Dimensions - ?
Comment: Presumed to be solid state. There are four marks in this series. For the last set of the series, the Roman numeral 'IV' designator was dropped and the numerical suffix '4' was applied.

Salvor 4 photo courtesy Ships Nostalgia web page.


Contributors and Credits:

2) Bruce GW4XXF <bruce(at)>

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Aug 10/16