KW-22 (Tantalus)

This device was a  complex, electronic , point-to-point teletypewriter security equipment designed for use on radio and wireline circuits both ashore and afloat. It employed  a four channel time division multiplexor telegraph terminal set. Employed were  the standards and synchronizing features of the
AN/FGC-5 OR AN/UGC-1 sets. The UCG-1 was the transistorized version of the FGC-5 set.
Selectable were tow, three and four channel modes.

Keymat was provided in the form of punched cards.  KW-22 was a vacuum tube device with about 300 tubes in the receiver and 400 in the transmitter.

Transmitter 66 in. 25 in. 28 in. 662 lbs 115/230 VAC 1040 watts
Receiver 56 in.  25 in. 28 in. 548 lbs 115/230 VAC 840 watts
The quantities shown below were  issued to the following services for service trails as authorized in a former SECRET document dated June 15, 1955

US Army - 4
USN - 6
USAF - 4
NSA -  2

Unit cost: $20,000 or $22,000 depending on the source.
Originally issued as KW-22(D)

Quantity produced:  704
Circa: 1961
Training: 17 week course at Mare Island. Eight weeks devoted to KW-22; Nine weeks to KO-5.

For a more detailed look at the KW-22, please select this link.

KW-22 (Image courtesy National Cryptologic Museum) 


1) Ed Hannon,  Seminole, FL
2) Nick England <>
3) National Cryptologic Museum PDF file on KW-22

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