Racal MA4480  Message Entry and Read Out Device

Development/Description (From Jane's Military Communications)

The MA4480 Message Entry and Read Out Device (MEROD) has been developed to provide the military user with secure (embedded crypto) data communications within existing and future military communications systems. The device has an integral STANAG 4202 modem which operates at speeds of 150, 300 and 600 bits/second, enabling effective communications over all bearers including HF skywave. The built-in error protection algorithm allows for reliable burst data reception during difficult propagation conditions. MA4480 data traffic can be integrated into the transmissions of automated command information systems and the MEROD can be preprogrammed with application- specific message formats via a PC at user level.


Launched in November 1991. A software package enabling control via a PC interface was introduced in September 1993.

Contributors and Credits:

1) Jane's Military Communications.

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