(From declassified sources)

Compiled by Fred Chesson

F. W. Chesson                                               FILE: SECRET.HTM
144 Fiske Street
Waterbury, CT  06710                                        Rev: 1 July, 2000
Title           Description                                 Manual         Date


B-3             (Speech) Privacy Equipment                  TM 11-383      1944

C-38            M-209* Hagelin Machine  (Navy CSP-1500)     TM 11-380*     1943

CMC-2103B       Randomizer Checker

CSD-68          Crypto "fill gun"       U/W RT-1112/PRC-68

                               A/N- Items: 

AN/CYZ-10       Fill Device 

AN/FGQ-1*       TTY Crypto Unit                              TM 11-2209/22  1946

MX-733/FGQ-1    Terminal Box      

FSQ-34          Ops Center (Coder-Decoder Group OA-2926)     TM 11-5895-281,285-*

FTC-31          Secure Voice Comm. Switch (Autosevcom)       TM 11-5805-378-*

AN/GRA-71       Burst-Mode CW Coder                          TM 11-5835-224-*

CA-3B/          GRA-71 Tape Magazine

CO/B-8/         GRA-71   Encoder

KY-468/         KE-8B/GRA-71 Keyer              

MX-4498/        GRA-71 Keyer Radio Adapter

RD-60/U         GRA-71 Code Recorder

GRC-137         Digital Crypto System     P/O URC-53

GRR-4           Clandestine Receiver, using:

R-92/           GRR-4 Receiver

R-93/           "       "

GSA-1           Code Recording Equipment

GSC-(T)1        10-Key Code Practice Set                        TM 11-437   1954

GSQ-1*          Speech Encryption Equipment (used punch-cards)          

C-340           GSQ-1 Speech Inverter Control

CX-929/         GSQ-1A Power Cable for MX-595/ or TA-5/

CX-930/         GSQ-1A Cable Assembly

CX-932/         GSQ-1A CO-144 Phone Cable with PL-55

CX-933/         GSQ-1A CO-145 Phone Swbd Cable

MT-494/         GSQ-1 Equipment Shock Mount

MX-595/         GSQ-1 Speech Inverter Unit

TA-5/           GSQ-1 Terminal Unit

GSQ-2           High Security, Semi-portable System  SIGRIT

GSQ-80          Message Center                                  TM 11-5895-365-*

GXA-1           Facsimile Cipher        SUGDUL

GXA-2           Encrypted Fax Unit.     SIGMEW

MLQ-8           Mobile Countermeasures System                   TM 11-5895-230-*

PCG-68          Code Generator          U/W RT-1113/PRC-68

PRC-112A(C)     Multi-Transmission Radio with Embedded Communications Security

PRR-4           Clandestine Radar Detector, 360-12,100 MHz, 6 band     TM 11-224
                Has audio and video outputs. In 8 x 15 x 22" suitcase  
                Designation is "covert" as it should properly be APR-* !  See GRR-4

SVM-68          Digital Crypto  U/W RT-1113/PRC-68

TRT-2           T-131  SECRET (Remote Detonator?)              TM 11-270   1943

UPA-24          IFF Decoder Group                               91560       1951

VRC-90,91,92    SINCGARS Radio Sets

WQA-1           Keyer Group                                     98365       1955

MX-595/GSQ-1A   Speech Encryption Coder-Decoder Motor Control Kit  WECo.

MX-596/GSQ-1A   Speech Encryption Code Card Set

MX-4495/GRA-71  Code Burst CO-3B Coder

MX-4496/GRA-71  Code Burst Tape Coder   

MX-4498/GRA-71  Burst Coder Keyer Adapter

K-61            Weather Bureau Cipher

KG-3/13         Test Equipment 


KG-27           Bulk encryption unit for PCM trunk circuits

KG-28/29        KT-7/8/40 Support Equipment

KG-30*          "FAMILY" Support Equipment




KG-35/USQ-61    Keying Generator        U/W MT-4904/    



KG-38*          Code name VERDIN  

KG-40           ATDS (SERIAL) and NTDS (PARALLEL) Equipment






KG-57           Key Generator

KG-58           Key Generator




KG-84*          Bulk Encryption Unit    U/W ON-305/TTC-46

KG-94           CCITT 

KG-94*          Bulk Encryption Unit    U/W ON-305/TTC-46, ON-306/TTC-47





KGX-93          Encryption Unit, U/W ON-305/TTC-46 & ON-306/TTC-47

KIT-1A/TSEC     IFF Keyer, Mode 4, P/O APX-72 & APX-100: TM 11-5810-242-34 (See note 1)
KL-7            Manual rotor machine, similar to "Enigma"

KL-29           On-Line TTY SIGABA  Navy CSP-888/889 "BACCUS, GORGON, DEMEDOR"

KS-61A          Photographic surveillance system,

KS-104          Photographic surveillance system,

KS-113A         Photographic surveillance system,


KWR-37          On-line RTTY Crypto Receiver  approx 500 sub-mini tubes

KWT-37          On-line RTTY Crypto transmitter
KY-             Encryption Keying Units 


KY-8            NESTOR, Vehicular Voice security device,  28 VDC.

KY-28           NESTOR, Airborne Voice security device, 28 VDC.

KY-38           NESTOR, Man-portable Voice security device, 28 VDC.

KY-57           Encryption Unit, U/W OL-413/TTC-47

KY-58           VINSON, Airborne Voice Security Device, 28 VDC. 




KY-67           Voice & Data Security device, for 30-76 MC FM, 1840 chns.

KY-68           Digital Voice Terminal, 16/32 Kb/sec, 4-wire  U/W MSE, TRI-Tac

KY-71*          P-1 Secured Telephone


KY-79/UR        Keyer, Dual Diversity, U/W FRR-28 

KY-90           Secure Digital Net radio interface unit, U/W OL-412/TTC-46      

KY-97*/TPX      IFF Coder-control, Modes 1-2-3,   P/O TPX-22.
                Mode 1: 2 pulses, 0.3 usec wide, 3 usec apart,
                Mode 2: 2 pulses, 0.3 usec wide, 5 usec apart,
                Mode 3: 2 pulses, 0.3 usec wide, 8 usec apart,

KY-99           MiniTerm

KY-149/AR       Keying Unit, P/O ARA-31.

KY-468/G        Keying Unit for GRA-71 Burst-Mode Unit     

KY-565*/AKT-18* Video Encoder U/W APS-94   P/O AKT-18*

KY-871/TKQ-2*   Data Keyer      U/W MT-6052/

KYK-13          Encryption Unit, U/W RT-5113/PRC-521 (Canadian PRC-139)

KYK-15          Encryption Unit, U/W OL-415/UGC-74



KYV-5           ANDVT


M-16            Cipher Disk

M-94            Rotary Disk Cipher                      Navy CSP-488

M-134*          SIGABA On-line Cipher Machine      Navy CSP-888/889 (ECM Mk II)

M-134-A         Early SIGABA, using tapes  SIGMYC

M-138*          Strip Cipher (30 slides)   Man SIGUHR    Navy CSP-845, CSP-1088 

M-161*          Cipher Unit                SIGLSV

M-209*          Converter (Hagelin)     Navy CSP-1500   TM 11-380*        1943 

M-218*          Voice Code Pad

M-222           Converter  (Code Device?)               P/O TC-4

M-228           TTY Crypto System.  SIGCUM              Navy CSP-1515

M-282           Tele-converter   (Code Device?)

M-294           TTY Converter, Rotor type               SIGNIN

M-325           Cipher Machine, three-rotor type        SIGFOY

M-409           Portable rotor-type cipher machine      SIGGIG
MC-16                  Cipher Disk
MC-241-250      Keying Disks 1-10  U/W PE-101-*, P/O SCR-515* IFF Set (ABA-*)
MC-344,346      Keying Disks    U/W PE-101-*, P/O SCR-515* IFF Set (BC-645)
MC-350          Keying Disk     U/W PE-101-*, P/O SCR-515* IFF Set (BC-645)
MC-594          SECRET Modif. Kit (IFF or Code Device)
MC-668          SECRET Modif. Kit (IFF or Code Device)  P/O SCR-615 Radar
MX-279          Pocket-sized Cipher Device  20 oz
MX-733/         FGQ-1 Terminal Box
RC-62           Portable Speech Scrambler
RC-220-T1       Fixed (30 ton) Speech Scrambler
SB-315A/U       TTY Key Control Panel                           98983       1958
                SIG- Items
SIGABA          M-134* 15-Rotor Machine, KL-29    Navy CSP-888/889
SIGCUM          M-228* TTY Online System  Navy CSP-1515
SIGDUL          AN/GXA-1 Fax Cipher Unit
SIGFOY          M-325 3-Rotor, Enigma-like, Cipher Machine
SIGGIG          M-409 Portable Cipher Machine
SIGHER          Intercept Service
SIGHEK          CSP-890 Plug Board Rotor for SIGABA
SIGHON          Intercept Service
SIGJIP          Ciphony Unit, using phono records as keying units.
SIGLAW*         M-325*
SIGLCL          Intercept Service
SIGLCO          Intercept Service
SIGLIN          Intercept Service
SIGLSV          M-161-C Cipher Machine
SIGLUR          Instruction Book for for CSP-890
SIGLWO          Intercept Service
SIGMAW          Intercept Service
SIGMEN          Aircraft Code. Same as SIGYAP
SIGMEW          AN/GXA-2 Fax Cipher System
SIGMUY          Intercept Service
SIGMYC          M-134, early SIGABA using keying tapes
SIGNIN          M-294 TTY Rotor-type cipher unit
SIGNOR*         M-209* Instructions
SIGQZF-*        Keying Procedures for ECM-II*  (SIGABA)
SIGRIT          AN/GSQ-2  High-level, semi-portable Ciphony system
SIGSGA          Intercept Service
SIGTOT          TTY on-line cipher system.  CSP-2599
SIGYAP          CSP-1270 Aircraft Authentication Code, same as SIGMEN
SIGYEG          ?
SIGYOD          ?
SIGDOLM         ?
SIGDUBN         ?
SIGGEWJ         ?
SIGHAUD         M-228* (Improved SIGCUM)
SIGHOBY         N-228
SIGJODO         AN/GSA-2 TTY Accessory for SIGABA
SIGKKK-*        War Dept (*) Maintenance Instructions for Converter M-134-C
SIGLASE         MX-218/U Converts SIGABA to M-325 and M-409
SIGRINO         M-134-D (SIGABA with CH-76 Safe
SIGSALY         Massive RC-220-* Ciphony System, 47 bays and 30 tons.
                TSEC/ Items
TSEC/HL-1*      Tape Reader
TSEC/HYL-3      Repeater, Digital regenerative, Part of AN/ARC-149
TSEC/KG-7       Crypto Timing Unit                       98693 98915   1957,1966
TSEC/KG-27      Bulk encryption device, Used to encrypt PCM trunks.
TSEC/KL-7       Cipher Machine                                  KAO-11/TSEC
TSEC/KW-7       Teletype Security Device                     11-5810-209-*  1971
TSEC/KW-9       TTY Cipher Machine
TSEC/KY-1       Half-Duplex, Wide-Band Secure Speech Eqpt.   11-5810-208-*  1960
TSEC/KY-8       Speech Security Device  U/W VRC-12           11-5810-224-*  1971
TSEC/KY-9       Cipher Machine                                  KAO-49/TSEC
TSEC/KY-28      Aircraft version of KY-8                     11-5810-244-*  1971
TSEC/KY-38      Portable KY-8    U/W PRC-77, VRC-12          11-5810-245-*  1971
TSEC/KY-68      Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal
TSEC/ST-1       Control Timer Test Set                          c 1960-65
TSEC/ST-2       Translator Test Set
TSEC/ST-3       Range Adaptor Test Set
TSEC/HYL-3      Digital Regen. Rpter  U/W VRC-12, PRC-77, ARC-149  11-5810-247-
TSEC/KAG-21/    "Numeral Code" Generator
TSEC/KIK-18     Code Key Changer
TSEC/KIK-28     Code Key Changer for TSEC/KY-28
TSEC/KIR-1A     Computer Interface (Receiver)
TSEC/KLX-7      TTY Keyboard Adapter (Literal Conversion)
TSEC/KYV-2*     Secure Voice Module     U/W RT-1113/PRC-68
                NAVY CSP (Code & Signal Publications) CRYPTOGRAPHIC ITEMS
CSP-488  M-94 (rotary disks Jefferson type cipher)
CSP-845  M-138A = CSP-1088 = VENUS (strip cipher,
CSP-847  Instructions for use of CSP-845 strip cipher.
CSP-887  Cipher unit (Rotor Basket) for CSP-889. (SIGABA)
CSP-888  M-134-C = ECM Mark II = SIGABA = ASAM 1 (Postwar high-level)
CSP-889  M-134-C = ECM Mark II = SIGABA = ASAM 1 (Postwar high-level)
CSP-890  CSP-890(A) = SIGHEK Plugboard rotor for use in the CSP-888/889.
CSP-1088  CSP-845 with CSP-488 compatible strip alphabet No. 488
CSP-1100  SIGABA Instructions
CSP-1122  SIGABA Keying Wheels
CSP 1178  Contact Code 11
CSP-1179* Contact Code 11
CSP-1190  SIGABA Key Lists
CSP-1247  Strip Cipher Key List
CSP-1248  Strip Cipher Key List
CSP-1270  Aircraft Code Book 16 = SIGYAP = SIGMEN Authentication Strip
CSP-1272  Instructions for CSP-1270.
CSP-1286  Two-Card Authentication Cipher
CSP-1300  Weather cipher.
CSP-1403/4  Key lists.
CSP-1500  M-209 = C-38 Hagelin-derived tactical cipher machine
CSP-1501  Instructions for CSP-1500
CSP-1515  M-228 Vernam TTY key is  5-rotor Heburn.  SIGCUM
CSP-1521  Instructions for CSP-1286
CSP-1524  Call Sign instructions.
CSP-1525  Emergency Call Sign instructions.
CSP-1526  Emergency Call Sign instructions.
CSP-1607  Key lists
CSP-1700  CCM (CSP-889 with CSP-1600 Type-X compatible rotor cage)
CSP-1750  Call device MK 2 (NATO = PENELOPE, 1970s; Call Sign cipher.
CSP-1751  CSP-1750 instructions.
CSP-1752  CSP-1750,  M-12 Key lists.
CSP-1753  M-13 with page printer
CSP-1754  M-13 with page printer
CSP-1756  Strip cipher compatable with CSP-1750. Made of mahogony.
CSP-1757            NA
CSP-1941  SIGLUR-1 Instructions for CSP-890
CSP-2200  HCM Mark 4 = SCM Mark 2 (modf ECM Mark II), an HCM is an
CSP-2300  High Command ECM
CSP-2599  TTY Cipher Unit, SIGTOT
CSP-2900  KL-29 = BACCUS = GORGON = DEMEDOR (ca 1950 Navy modified ECM)
ENG-108   Print unit for a CSP-889.
ENG-109   ECM spare parts kit.
ECM Mark II*    CSP-889, CSP-889-2900.
Channel 105  CSP-888/889 = ECM Mark II = M-134-C = SIGABA. Postwar = ASAM 1.
Note 1:  KIT-1A is just one of the devices used in the KI-1A/KI-1C system,
there is a KIT and a KIR, one for use in the Aircraft and one on
the radar respectively.

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