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Typex with lampboard. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

Above and below: The Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston Ontario has a very unique Typex variant their crypto machine collection. The placard only indicates that a Canadian modification has been applied to it .

On the surface, it appears that a lampboard has been married to a MK III Typex keyboard with a slightly modified rotor basket, however there is no evidence of the crank normally found on the right side of the machine. Since this variant needs power for the lamp board and the Mk III doesn't, one can only speculate if the entire machine uses power thus eliminating the crank for the internal power generator.

This variant may have been created for the purposes of training operators or  maintainers in order to illustrate the principle of the Typex since the machine was actually modeled on the German Enigma. Another theory suggests this variant was used at Camp-X near Oshawa , Ontario in an operational capacity. Can anyone provide additional information?  Contact :  <jerry.proc@sympatico.ca>

Closeup of Typex with lampboard. Note the stamping in the metal "Converted Cipher Machine". (Photo by Jerry Proc)

Closeup of Typex keyboard. (Photo by Jerry Proc)
Closeup of tape reel assembly. (Photo by Jerry Proc)
typex_levelview .jpg
Machine level view. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

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July 6/06