1943_commissioning_crew_s.jpg 1943. Original commissioning crew. Click on image to enlarge (From  Parks Canada/HMCS Haida archives)
1943_1st_commission_officers_s.jpg 1943. First commission officers.. Click on image to enlarge (From the HAIDA Association scrapbook)

Top row - Jim Armstrong, Chuck Mawer, Lloyd Jones, Harry Pardee and Hal Bolus.
Middle row - McCullough, Bill Sclater, Ray Philips, Phil Frewer, Bill Rankin and Murray Heslam.
Front Row - Rooney Annesley, John Coates, Doc Wallace, Dave Jeffreys and Harry Dewolfe. 

1944_commissioning_crew_s.jpg 1944. Second commissioning crew. Click on image to enlarge (From Parks Canada/HMCS Haida archives)


In this photo of original HAIDA crew photo:

#1- John Wardrop. A/B Gunners Mate; Captain of "A" gun and cook's helper.
#2-  Bill Stevenson who still lives in Edmonton.
#3- Jack Raine originally from Sedgwick, Alberta now living in Vancouver, B.C.
#4- Jim Ledingham.
#5- Peter Wispinski (Radar Operator.) - Spoke fluent Russian and was great help in trips to
      Russia.Originally from Edmonton.
#6- John Topelko
#7- Reg Figg
#8- Doug Johnson

(Photo courtesy of  Kerry Wardrop).


" THE RADAR BOYS - 1944 "

Back Row - Norm Slessor, Jim Young, Les Taylor, Jim Reynolds, Doug Graham.
Middle Row - Manse Williams, Peter Wispinski, Ken Mackenzie, Doug McClure.
Front Row - Harry Hainer, Frank Goldsmith , Bob White, Albert Wray 
(Photo courtesy of Fred Ware)

'B' GUN CREW - JULY 1944

Front Row (L-R): Tom Wilkinson Sightsetter, Communications; Ralph Frayne, Ammo (Cordite); Ken Bough, Ammo (Cordite).
Middle Row : Jack Hannam, Right Gun Brushworker; Picket, Ammo (Shell); Jean-Roland Belleau; Ammo (Shell); Clifford 'Gus' Feehan, Trayworker; Marchand, Trayworker; Bob Neville , Ammo
Back Row :Pat Begley - Mounting Trainer; P.O. Tanner ; Art Winter, Mounting Layer (Photo courtesy Jack Hannam)

Lawrence O'Reilly (V6784) served on the Haida from her commissioning until the end of WWII on 'A' gun. Deceased 1994.

grog.jpg mail_sort.jpg
"Hands to Muster for Grog". The Victualling Petty Officer issues rum for the Chief Petty Officers mess. John E. Elliott (left) ABQM/LSQM handles the paperwork. (HMCS HAIDA photo archive).  Mail Call 1953: The ship's postman sorting mail in the ship's office while in Korea. John E. Elliott (right) ABQM/LSQM, assists with the sorting. (HMCS HAIDA photo archive). 

Any sailor over the age of 21 was entitled to  'grog' which was a daily issue of rum mixed with two parts water. For those who wanted to forgo alcohol, they declared themselves T ( temperance) on their identification papers and in doing so, they were entitled to receive 25 cents per day more in pay.

Andy Barber in Korea

Good Day Everyone,

My name is Andy Barber and I served aboard the Haida as a Communicator Signalman from October 1953 to July 1955 which of course included her 2nd Korean Tour. I have been attempting to complete my project of contacting former Haida shipmates who served aboard her from October 1953 to July 1955. My retirement (the 3rd one) has allowed me time to get involved with the "Friends of Haida" and the Canadian Tribal Destroyer Association.

When I frequently view HAIDA's web site I come upon the names of former Haida crew members
who request to be contacted by any former crew members. This dovetailed with my desire to verify some of the events that took place during my stay aboard the Haida. As you know, memories can become a bit tricky after 48 years and some of the events become embellished with the telling over time. is my intention to bounce this period off of you guys and see if my recollection of the happenings coincide with my memories of them.

Below is a list of topics that are of interest to me and maybe you may have a few of your

(1) The typhoon that hit us on our way to meet Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent. I'm looking for a date and any recollections you may have. You can find my account on the Haida's website under "Shipmates Tales".
(2) Nootka hitting the seawall in Bermuda 1955.
(3) Catching a shark in the Gulf Stream.
(4) Places we stopped at on the way back from Korea.

Andy Barber
E-mail: andrew.barber(at)

A shark was caught in the Gulf Stream during one of HAIDA's goodwill trips around the Eastern Seaboard in 1955. The crew all had visions of shark steaks for supper until the  X.O. (Lt.Cdr Hunter) ordered the crew "to get that thing off of my ship NOW!" The guys dropped it over the side and believe it or not it looked like it swam away. (Photo courtesy Andy Barber)
Charles Bush in 1947

Wintex Exercises off Bermuda, 1961. AB Walter Dowling harasses members of a boarding party. Several ships company are dressed as women to add realism to the exercise. (Photo by Colin Blackburn)
Haida ....down south. Crew members Lt. Roggaveen and Walter Dowling escort Boarding party off the ship. Fun was had by all! (Photo by Colin Blackburn)

bough_ken.jpg bough_ken_prince_charles.jpg
Ken Bough served in HAIDA from January, 1944 to November, 1944. In 2014, Ken attended the 70th anniversary of D-Day ceremonies at Juno Beach in Normandy. Here,  he is sharing a memory with Prince Charles. 
Both photos from the collection of Rick Bough 

Aquilla Northeast served as an anti aircraft gunner, level 3 in 1944.

1948 group photo. Download image to enlarge. CPO Tom Elstone standing at the right. All others are unidentified. (Photo provided by Rick Elstone)
In 1961, HAIDA was in Bermuda for the WINTEX exercises. Colin Blackburn looks like he is enjoying  a swig of Baccardi rum. (Photo provided by Colin Blackburn) 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Colin Blackburn <acblack(at)>
2) Carla Morse, Sr. Program Officer, Heritage Designations, Parks Canada  <Carla.Morse(at)>
3) Rick Bough <[bough(at)>
4) Rick Elstone [rick.elstone(at)]

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