by Jerry Proc


Shortly after Labour Day 2016, HAIDA dropped her lines and was towed to the Heddle Marine Service facility in Hamilton, Ontario. There, she was placed in the company's floating dry-dock and work on her hull commenced per the findings in the 2015 hull survey.

Here is the work that was performed:

*    Hull: Coatings:  Grit blasting completed on hull areas for hull steel work. Continue coating of hull above waterline. Grit blast for final underwater coatings.
*    Steel Repairs:  Approx. 90% of cladding complete. Bilge keel air tests by yard still revealed some minor leakage on seams and rivets, and on the inside of the hull shell. The minor leaks were sealed with  waterproof hull epoxy coatings. Transverse bulkhead steel repaired in areas identified.
*    Hull Anodes:- The placement of 82 new bolt-on magnesium anodes is complete.
*    Propeller Shafts:  Outer gland seal filled with sealing compound. .Shrouds fitted.
*    Ballast replacement: Replacement work now complete. Hull access opening closed and vacuum tested.
*    Sonar tube Plate Enclosure: Shell plate closure completely welded in place. Work is now complete.

HAIDA was  back at her permanent beth at Pier 9 by mid-December, 2016.
Does anyone have photos of the refit? 

Credits and References:

1) Andy Barber <andrew.barber(at)sympatico.ca>

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