by Jerry Proc


On November 25, 2015, HMCS HAIDA was towed from her berth at Pier 9 in Hamilton to the Heddle Marine facility in Hamilton in order to undergo a structural analysis below the waterline to determine the condition of the hull. The first phase of assessment was conducted at her home location at Pier 9.  Moving the ship to drydock, a short distance away, was the start of the second phase of the analysis.  The results of the survey will help Parks Canada to develop future plans for the ship's preservation as a National Historic site on behalf of all Canadians.


-Heddle Marine and Parks Canada were on site and prepped the ship to be towed to the dry-dock facility in the morning  of November 25th.  This included dropping the cables, detaching the lines from the ship, disconnecting the electrical service, and removing the brow.

-Tug boats were positioned at the bow and the stern and they moved Haida to Heddle Marine approximately 2 kms away. This was expected to take about 45 minutes.

-Upon arrival at Heddle's, Haida will be positioned over the submerged dry-dock. They will slowly raise the dry-dock above the water line, carefully ensuring that the ship is properly balanced and secure on supporting blocks. Haida will then be securely tied off and gangplanks will be established to provide access to the deck and interior of the ship.

-Within the first 45 minutes after securing Haida, crews will begin removing any growth from the hull including algae, zebra mussels, etc. They will then perform a preliminary visual of the hull.

Thursday and Friday, November 26 - 27:
- Begin assessment of the interior of the hull

Monday, November 30 to Wednesday December 16:
- Conduct inspection of interior and exterior of the hull

Thursday December 17:
- Wrap up and prepare to move Haida back to Pier 9

Friday December 18
- Position a tug boat at the bow and the stern and beginning moving Haida back to Pier 9 approximately 2  kms away. This should take about 45 minutes.

HAIDA is now clear of the jetty and on her way to Heddle Marine.  The photo was taken from one of the apartments which overlook Pier 9. (Photo credit unknown)
HAIDA sits atop Heddle Marine's Floating Drybock in December 2015. This is the first time that the hull has been out of the water since the ship's 2002/2003 refit. (Photo credits unknown). 
Since the weather did not cooperate after the survey was completed, HAIDA's return was delayed.  Shewas back at her permanent berthing at Pier 9 as of December 24/15.

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