SHIP: M486 Minesweeper, "M" class.



TONNAGE: Approximately 775 tons

ARMAMENT: 2 - 37mm, 6 - 20mm, 2 - 4.1"

DATE SUNK: August 6, 1944

TIME: Engaged enemy at 1233, sunk by 1240.

POSITION: 46 30?N/01 47?W

LOCATION: South of St. Nazaire and Ile de Yeu.

HAIDA'S MISSION: Kinetic patrol of the Bay of Biscay (sweeps of the coastal regions of France in search of enemy shipping).

ACTION: HMCS HAIDA accompanied by HMS BALLONA, HMS TARTAR, HMS ASHANTI, and HMCS IROQUOIS engaged a six ship convoy off the French coast in the Bay of Biscay. All six German ships were sunk when the Allied flotilla daringly maneuvered itself between the German convoy and the coast. It was not until the first German vessel was sunk that the German convoy realized that they were under attack, not merely hearing their own shore batteries. HAIDA has been confirmed fairly conclusively as the ship responsible for sinking M486 and was quite possibly involved in the sinking of the other German ships in the convoy.

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