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A Tale of Woe by Bernie Klashinsky
Admiral Nelson's Navy Rum by Harold Keene
Convoy Duty on the Murmansk Run by E. G. Halcrow
First Ashore by Jack Hannam
Haida's Bout With A Typhoon  by Andy Barber,  LSCV1 Haida
Haida Becomes a Ceremonial Flagship
Haida's 80th Anniversary Activities

Motor Cutter Restoration by Jerry Proc
My Ride On A Torpedo by VAdm Harry DeWolf

The Anatomy of An Acquisition by Jerry Proc 
The Final Voyage of HMCS HAIDA by Peter Ward 
The Twinning of Haida and ORP Blyskawica by Jerry Proc
The Visit of Prince Charles and Camilla by Jerry Proc

We Were A Well Fed Bunch by Bernie Klashinsky
World Ship Trust Maritime Heritage Award

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June 16/2015