SHIP: U971 U-boat (Submarine) Type VII C.



TONNAGE: 769 Tons

ARMAMENT: 4 bow torpedo tubes - 1 stern torpedo tube, 14 torpedoes, 1 - 37mm, 2 - 20mm

DATE SUNK: June 24, 1944

TIME: Engaged enemy at 1600, sank at 1900.

POSITION: Exact coordinates unknown.

LOCATION: Off the French coast just north of Ushant Ile.

HAIDA'S MISSION: On patrol when radioed by a reconnaissance plane.

ACTION: HMCS HAIDA and HMS ESKIMO arrived at the spot of the reported siting and began depth charging the area. After a series of 8 depth charge attacks, U971 surfaced and was hit immediately in the conning tower by shells from HMCS HAIDA's "B" guns. U-971 sank shortly thereafter.

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