SHIP: UJ 1420 Trawler (formerly EYLAU) or UJ 1421 Trawler (formerly DELTRA II)



TONNAGE: 314 Tons or 253 Tons


DATE SUNK: July 15, 1944

TIME: Enemy engaged at 0300, sunk by 0330.

POSITION: Exact coordinates unknown.

LOCATION: Off the port of Lorient.
HAIDA'S MISSION: Kinetic patrol of the Bay of Biscay (sweeps of the coastal regions of France in search of enemy shipping).

ACTION: HMCS HAIDA, HMS TARTAR, and Polish ship BLYSKAWICA stalked three German ships (two trawlers and a merchant ship) for over an hour until the German ships pulled far enough away from the safety of their shore batteries so as to enable the three Allied ships to sink all three German vessels. Exact confirmation of who hit whom cannot be determined precisely, but each ship was given credit for a single kill. HAIDA got one of the two trawlers UJ1420 or UJ1421.

In November 2002,  Pierre-Adrien Fourny from Boulogne France commented on the Eylau." My grand father, Eugène Fourny, managed the family fishing company owning the trawler EYLAU which was taken by the German Army and converted to a warship. It was destroyed by Haïda and other Allied destroyers near Groix Island, in south Britanny. I am very proud that Eylau, little French trawler ( 42 meters ), needed three Allied destroyers to be sunk, and I am very happy because, after the war, the French government gave a new motor trawler to my grand father".

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