Please let us know if you can donate or know the whereabouts of any equipment listed on this page. All donations will be appraised and will be eligible for an Income Tax receipt.

* CPRC-26  Handheld radio. Does not need to be functional.
* AN/SRC 501 H.F. Transceiver; 12 watts 2 to 4 Mhz; (RCN #5820-000-0029)
* Decca Navigator - Mark V receiver plus MkV decometer bowl.
* Northern Radio FSK107 Frequency Shift Keyer
* DAS Loran 'A' receiver
* Telegraphic Typewriter. Need 2. Any unit painted grey or black which closely resembles the unit in the
    photo will be acceptable.


* KL-7  Adonis (off-line cipher machine)
* KWR-37 Jason (on -line crypto receiver)


* Manual for VK5 Radar Indicator; BRCN 5494 (2)
* Waveguide for AN/SPS-6C air search radar - Type UG933/U
   Need approximately 50 to 60 feet with three 90 degree elbows.
   Damaged waveguide is acceptable since the system will never be operational.
* AN/SPS-6C radar or system components
* AN/SPG34 gunnery radar antenna for the 4 inch gun 'B' gun. (right hand model only)
* AN/SPG34 - any other radar system components.

* AN/UPA-24/KY80       IFF Video Decoder
* AN/UPA-24                  Radar Set Control
* AN/UPX-1A/RT-194A IFF Receiver-Transmitter ( for radar feed horn)
* AN/UPX-1A/KY-61      IFF Coder/Decoder
* AN/UPX-5/KY88          IFF  Decoder
* AN/UPX-5/RT-269       IFF Receiver-Transmitter ( for IFF antenna)
* AS-177 IFF Antenna

* AN/UQC 1B Underwater Telephone components
* AN/SQS-10 Sonar - Operators Console
* AN/SQS-501 Sonar or components
* Admiralty Pattern 164B Sonar Display
* Admiralty Pattern 761 Echo Sounder


* Device for reading BT (Bathythermograph) slides
* Chernikeef Log and associated display units


*  Hydrostatic release valves that were fitted on the life raft gripes and a canvas valise or a fibreglass canister which contained the life raft.
* 4 stools needed - rectangular tubing. See graphic
* Mortar Mk 4 (Squid) Control Panel.
* Mortar Mk 4 control unit for the Squid Handling Room.
* One Sirenette.
* Drawing or photo of the original steam laundry equipment.
* Drawing or photo of the original bakery equipment.
* Drawing or photo of the original galley equipment for both main and officers  galley.

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