SHIP: Z32 Narvik class Destroyer



TONNAGE: 2,600 Tons

ARMAMENT: 5 - 5.9", 4 - 37mm, 14 - 20mm, 8 Torpedoes

DATE SUNK: June 9, 1944

TIME: Engaged enemy at 0100, put out of action by 0520.

POSITION: 48 47? N/04 07? W

LOCATION: Ran aground on Ile de Bas.

HAIDA'S MISSION: Hostile Mission (seek and destroy enemy).

ACTION: After intercepting four German destroyers en route to intercepting the Normandy invasion force, HMCS HAIDA and HMCS HURON engaged and severely damaged both Z24 and T24, before losing them in the confusion of the battle. The two Canadian destroyers then turned against Z32, setting her ablaze and forcing her to run aground on Ile de Bas.

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