by Petty Officer Bob Stark


We were busy with a small German convoy off St. Malo, France; There were two armed escorts and five merchantmen. We were also taking fire from shore. St. Malo was almost as close and the scene was well lit up. At the time, I was captain of 'B' gun and we could see life-boats being lowered from the ships we were firing at. Captain Rayner ordered us to let them get their boats in the water. For some reason, they pulled toward our ship. We didn't see this ourselves but we did hear the pom-pom open fire and were also on the alert for E-boats.

After the action, we found out the pom-pom had opened fire on one of the life-boats. According to the gunner, his excuse was that he thought it was an E-boat. Capt. Rayner told him no one was in the same doubt and I heard that he requestd a "draft-off" since he didn't want the like of him in his crew. As we found out quickly, the gunner had just lost his brother in the Air Force.

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