by Bud Flanagan

I was an ABRC1 and recommissioned Huron 28 Feb, 1950. Most of the crew, like myself, came from Haida which we
Temporary Change of C.O.'S.

This happened from Mar 24, 1950 to Apr 6 1950 when TC Pullen relieved ETG Madgwick who had the measles (I believe?). At the time I was "Piping Party" on the wing of the bridge. It was interesting to see TC Pullen bring the ship alongside in Bermuda. He sat on the side of the bridge facing aft. His two index fingers would revolve in the direction the screws were turning. When he ordered an engine stopped his finger on that hand would stop etc. First and last time I ever witnessed this method.
Reverse Mutiny

In August 1950 just prior to leaving with the fleet for a European trip, drafts came in for most of us Able Seaman
(Gunnery, TAS, RP) to Stadacona for our Trade Group 2 courses. We were an unhappy crowd; we all loved the ship and also wanted to make the trip. Apparently they were making room for Reserves. After dinner, we held a sit down strike on the quarterdeck, refusing to go on draft. Both the CO (E.T.G. Madgwick) and XO (J. Panabaker) were attending some conference in Shearwater. They were contacted by the OOD and returned to the ship immediately. Between them they convinced us that it was in our and the navy's best interests that we "get on with it".  This we
did - they were right. I still keep in contact with Cdr. Madgwick through his daughter.

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