Chayka ,in Russian: means  "seagull". It is  a Russian terrestrial radio navigation system, similar to Loran-C. and operating  on similar frequencies around 100 kHz, It  uses the same techniques of comparing both the envelope and the signal phase to accurately determine location. The systems differ primarily in details.
Chayka, like LORAN-C, uses different pulse repetition frequencies (Group Repetition Intervals, or GRIs) to allow the identification of different stations operating on the same frequencies.

There are 5 Chayka chains in use:

GRI 8000 Western (European) Russia Chayka Chain (1969, RSDN-3/10)
GRI 7950 Eastern Russia Chayka Chain (1986, RSDN-4)
GRI 5980 Russian-American Chayka Chain (1995)
GRI 5960 Northern Chayka Chain (1996, RSDN-5)
GRI 4970 North-Western Chayka Chain

As of 2022 the status if the Russian Chayka chains is unklnown to the webmaster.



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