November 1942  - June 1950


Ship's company 1944. (Photo submitted by John Clark)

Petty Officer Stokers,  January 1944. (Photo submitted by John Clark)

Rear row (L-R)  Porter, Richards, Osborne, Kimpton, Ewing.
Front row (L-R)  LaBonnville, Raguin, Chief Sto. Bennet, Howes, Bowser, Decoste.

g89_crew_44_45s.jpg Iroquois Ships Company. 1944 - 1945.
g89_agun_crew_44_45s.jpg "A" Gun Crew 1944-1945
g89_officers_s.jpg Iroquois' ships officers plus the mascot. Capt. Hibbard is the officer with the dog. To Hibbard's left is the engineer officer Lieut. Nieuesteeg. To his left is Lieut Hayes. At the very front, right is Lieut. Saks, the Communications officer.

Click to enlarge any photos in this group. Images courtesy of Tom Ingham unless otherwise noted.

Left Photo: (L-R)   First Lieutenant,  Lieut.-Cdr. C.R. Coughlin (Ottawa) is standing
on the bridge next to  Cdr.
James C. Hibbard, (Victoria/ Halifax) captain of the Iroquois.
Center Photo: (L-R) Lieut. C.I.     Benoit  (Halifax), Lieut.-Cdr. G.W. Ford (London, Ont) and Lieut. W.P. Hayes (Swift  Current,  Sask)


Right Photo: (L-R) CPO Clement Mann (Victoria) , Chief Gunners Mate and CPO F. W. Saunders the Chief Boatswain's Mate.


From an RCN feature article on IROQUOIS in action . (Submitted by Tom Ingham)

A tense moment on the Iroquois' bridge as her guns throw salvo after salvo at a German flak ship which had just been driven aground. The person in the lower right portion of the photo is holding a movie camera. He was a    Toronto (Daily) Star reporter by the name of  Roy Kemp and was there to film the action. From an RCN feature article on IROQUOIS in action . (Submitted by Tom Ingham)
(L-R) Tom Ingham  - Stoker , (?) Livingston, Andy Yule and John Clark (Stoker) at the aft end of the torpedo tubes. Tribals only carried a total of four torpedoes which were stored in the tubes. (Submitted by Tom Ingham)
The enemy could come out the sky anytime. Iroqouis' anti-aircraft crews were ever vigilant against attack. This twin barrel, 20 mm Oerlikon weapon was commonly used against aircraft. (Photo courtesy Tom Ingham)

Iroquois radio room 1943. The 'Sparker' is receiving something on the National HRO receiver. Download image to enlarge. (Provided by Lewis Bodkin)
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