Numerous Iroquois activities were documented in various newspapers in both wartime and peacetime. Unless otherwise noted, all newspaper clippings are courtesy Tom Ingham and have been transcribed from their original newspaper format by Jerry Proc.
British Destroyers Attack Convoy
Canadian Destroyer Helps Sink 8 Ships
Canadian Destoryers In Close Escort in Scharnhorst Action
Canadian Destoryer Returns From Waters Off Brittany
Ghost Fleet Pins Germans In Biscay Ports
Iroquois Guns Blast 8 Ships In 5 Hours
Iroquois Sets Record For Destroyer Actions
Sailors Enjoy Revenge As Nazis Flee Like Rats
Tribals Return From War ZoneM

217 ERA
Destroyer Iroquois To Fight Again
Iroquois Achieves Revenge
Iroquois Headed For Mothballs
Iroquois Hit - Three Killed
Iroquois In Attack
Iroquois Slips For Korea As Crowds Cheer
'Need Smoke' To Make Bogus Guns Look Real
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Feb 01/04