The earliest Canadian Marconi receivers were given ascending Roman numeral model designators. These Roman numerals are also referenced  here along with their  corresponding Arabic numbers.

Type:   1 tube  regenerative set
Circa:  1923

Tube Lineup : ?
Power Input :  DC operated.
Original List Price: $50
Cabinet style: Tabletop
Artifact Markings:

"MARCONIPHONE" and "MARCONI/ CANADA" printed on receiver control panel. All controls, connections, etc. labelled. Silver metal fixed to inside of cabinet door incised "THE MARCONI/ WIRELESS TELEGRAPH CO./ OF CANADA LIMITED/ MONTREAL/ PATENTED 1918-1923/ TYPE NO. M1 SERIAL NO. 816". "131" stamped into lower rear inside edge of cabinet. "MARCONI/ CANADA" incised in receptacle for vacuum tube. Internal component located between coupler & tuning coil marked "HOLD-TITE/ CARTER RADIO CO./ CHICAGO". Vacuum tube marked"CANADIAN/ WESTINGHOUSE/ 201 A" on tube top.

Maconiphone I .(Photo courtesy  Canada Science and Technology Museum) 

Credits and References:

1) The Early Development of Radio in Canada 1901 to 1930 by Robert Murray
2) M1 photo https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=2001.0285.001

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