The earliest Canadian Marconi receivers were given ascending Roman numeral model designators. These Roman numerals are also referenced  here along with their  corresponding Arabic numbers.

Type:   6 tube TRF set
Circa:  August 1926
Tube Lineup : ?
Power Input :  DC operated.
Original List Price: $115
Cabinet style: tabletop or Console
Comment: Based on a "Valuation of Trade-In Radio Sets" document complied by "Radio" -  Pioneer of the Trade Papers organization, the model 9 radio had a trade-in allowance $25 in 1929 and $30 for the consile version. .

M IX schematic here.

Marconiphone IX (Photo courtesy of "Early Development  of Radio in Canada")

Credits and References:

1) The Early Development of Radio in Canada 1901 to 1930 by Robert Murray
2) Lewis Bodkin 05bodkin555(at)mail.com>

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Feb 24/19