Type:  6 tube TRF set
Circa: 1928
Tube Lineup :See schematic
Power Input : Battery
Requires external speaker needed for tabletop set.
Comment: Based on a "Valuation of Trade-In Radio Sets" document complied by "Radio" -  Pioneer of the Trade Papers organization, the model 11 radio was sold as both a table radio and  a console . The trade-in allowance for a used model XI table radio was $30 in 1929 and $35 for the console version.

Model XI schematic here.

Model XI mantel radio
Looking for actual photos of both the model XI. mantel and console radios. Contact::  jerry.proc@sympatico.ca

This ad for the model 11 console comes from the Winnipeg edition of the Eaton`s catalogue for Fall and  Winter 1928  and Spring  and Summer !929.. The designator shown are catalog numbers and not Cdn Marconi model numbers. Download image to enlarge.  (Provided by Lewis Bodlin) 

Note the feature in the ad called "one-dial receiver". This was a huge improvement over earlier models in which the listener had to to tune several stages which were independent of each other. 


Credits and References:

1) The Early Development of Radio in Canada 1901 to 1930 by Robert Murray
2) Lewis Bodkin 05bodkin555(at)mail.com>
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Feb 26/19