Type: 8 tube, AC superheterodyne receiver.

Frequency range:

524 to 1750 KHz
1680 to 5700 KHz
5400 to 18200 KHz.

Tube lineup: 6K7, 6A8, 6C5, 6K7, 6Q7, 6L6, 5Y4, 6G5

Vintage: Roger Hart dated this radio as March 1938.

Audio power:  6.5 watts
Speaker: 12 inch

Input power:

115 VAC 60 Hz 87 watts
115 VAC  25 Hz 94 watts

Cabinet: Console
Dimensions: 24 in W x 39,25 in H x 13.5 in D
Original cost $129.95

Chassis view via Marconi service manual
Model 102
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Found in 2019. This is believed to be a remnant from a Canadian Marconi model 102  shipping crate .It  was salvaged to become the bottom of a drawer found in a house on Prince Edward Island built in the 1920s. The black stamp in the lower left may be that of Atlas Van Lines. (Photo by Tanya Howatt) 
Contributors or References:

1) Canadian Marconi Service Manual - Volume 1
2) Tanya Howatt butch(at)

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Apr 9/19