Type:  A series of five tube, superheterodyne, AC operated, radio-phonographs.

Model 274  - Plays 78 or 33 1/3 RPM records. The changer can accommodate up to twelve 10 inch records or  twelve  10 inch    inch records. It also plays 45 RPM records when used with a Marconi adapter. .
Model 274A is a consloe version of the 274.
Model 274B is two  speed (33-1/3 and 78) record changer and plays 10" and 12" records.
The MS suffix  means Multi Size because the record changer has  three speeds and plays 7" , 10" and 12" records.

Frequency range:
274- 540 to 1720 kHz
274B - 540 to 1670 KHz
274M -  540 to 1670 kHZ
274MS - 540 to 1670kHz.

Circa: 1960 ?
Tube lineup: 6BE6 6BA6 6AT6 6AQ5 6X4
Audio power: 2 watts

274  - 4 x 6 inch elliptical, permanent magnet
274A - 12 inch permanent magnet
274B - 4 x 6 inch elliptical,pernamant magnet
274M - 4 x 6 inch elliptical, permanent magnet

Input power: .
117 VAC 25 Hz Radio operation  0.45 amps
117 VAC 60 Hz Radio operation  0.40 amps
117 VAC 25 Hz Phono operation  0.65 amps
117 VAC 60 Hz Phono operation  0.62 amps


For model 274 -  16 W x 10 H  x 19 D inches
For model 274A - 26 W x 35.25 H x 16 D inches
For model 274B - 16W x 10H  x 19 D inches

Comment: All variants share the same chassis and schematic.

274_marconi_ad_s.jpg 274: This Canadian Marconi ad for the model 274 appeared in the April 1949 issue of Radio and Trade Builder Magazine. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. (Image provided by Lewis Bodkin) 
Photos via E-bay


Model 274MS - front view
Model 274MS with lid open
Model 274MS uses the Webster-Chicago model 346 record changer.
Model 274MS corner view
Model 274MS tone control detail. High or Low tone could be applied to either the radio or phonograph. 
Model 274MS rear view. There was also a paper tag affixed to the rear cover . The adhesive dried up so the tag was lost thus leaving  an unfaded area on the right side of the cover. 
Model 274MS nameplate. The model number  has been restruck to read as model 274MS by Canadian Marconi. The model 257 was never produced by Marconi. Perhaps it was planned then cancelled before production started. could have been an error correction.
When the 274MS nameplate was removed, the cabinet maker's logo was discovered. It reads "Cabinet by Canadian Wooden Aircraft Ltd. Stratford Ont".  See NOTE 1.
All Model 274MS photos in this table by Kevin Christopher. Download image to enlarge 
NOTE1 :In Stratford Ontario, major changes happened in the furniture industry in the post-war period. The Canadian Wooden Aircraft Company , which was established in 1946,  used knowledge gained during the war to invent a new line of furniture of bent, laminated wood and moulded plywood. The line won many awards for modern
design and led to an explosion in this type of utilitarian furniture. By 1951 the Imperial Furniture Company, which had taken over the Wooden Aircraft Company moved into the Trinity Street  location in Stratford.
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