Marconiphone II (M2) Receiver


Type: 1 tube regenerative set. Requires external (LF) audio amplifier which uses 2 tubes..
Frequency Range:  Broadcast band
Circa: 1924
Original cost: $95
Cabinet style: Tabletop

The "A" battery has external posts but the "B" battery would probably be inside the cabinet. 
A look through the top. This example appears to be missing its one and only vacuum tube. The 'B' battery likley occupied the back half of the compartment. 
All photos in this table via E-bay

THe M2 tuner with matching model LF audio amplifier. (Photo courtesy Canada Science and Technology Museum) 
This M2 example is fitted with a horn type speaker whcih was typical for the 1920s. (Photo courtesy Canada Science and Technology Museum)

Contributors and Credits:

1) ) The Early Development of Radio in Canada 1901 to 1930 by Robert Murray
2) M2 with amp photo

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July 24/17