Canadian Marconi used record changers in their radios that were made by the Webster-Chicago company.  Marconi was both a customer for the product and also the Canadian distributor.

The Webster Chicago Corporation was a maker of electronic equipment in Chicago, Illinois. Many products were sold under the brand name Webcor. The product line included record changers, wire recorders and reel to reel tape recorders. They also made phonograph amplifiers that are now used as guitar amplifiers in some cases In the 1960s, the firm began to face strong competition from German and Japanese imports. It was purchased by US Industries in 1967 and faded from prominence in the 1970s.

Shown below is a sampling of the record changer product line.

/webster_chicago1_s.jpg Record changer listing #1. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.  From Radio & Electrical Trade magazine July, 1949.  (Image provided by Lewis Bodkin) 
t/webster_chicago2_s.jpg Record changer listing #2. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. From Radio & Electrical Trade magazine November, 1949. (Image provided by Lewis Bodkin) 
Other turntables. Download image to enlarge. ((Image provided by Lewis Bodkin) 

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