Type:  Model 6A10 is a six tube amplifier with cutting and play-back tone arms, dual speed motor, tone control, , magic eye tube, input jacks for telephone
line and radio, output jack for extension speaker and a four position selector switch permitting the following operations, from left to right:-

(1) Radio programs recording. (ie record cutter)
(2) Phonograph..
(3) Microphone recording.
(4) Public address system.

Input power:  115 VAC 60 Hz

Speaker: 6 " x 9" elliptical
Vintage: 1947/48

A schematic for the 6A10 can be found ere.

Comment: The model format of 6A10 conforms to that of the Wilcox-Gay company. By 1949, the W-G company entered into a retailing arrangement with Canadian Marconi.
The Marconi name would be found on the front bezel; with the W-G name on the nameplate.

The Wilcox-Gay 6A10 amplifier was marketed in Canada by the Canadian Marconi company., (Image via WorthPoint web site). 

Contributors or References:

1) Ken Walsh <capestir(at)>

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Aug 29/18