Type: Eight tube radio and record turntable. It also has the ability to  cut blank records and  also includes a public address system with microphone.. By 1949, Wilcox-Gay entered into a retailing arrangement with Canadian Marconi for the Recordio product line. That will explain why the Canadian Marconi name appears on the bezel and Wilcox-Gay on the nameplate.

Frequency range: broadcast band only.
Input power:  115 VAC 60 Hz 110 watts total
Tube lineup:   6A8GT 6SK7GT 6SQ7GT 6SN7GT 6E5 6V6GT 6SJ7GT 5Y3GT
Speaker: 6 " x 9" elliptical
Vintage: 1947/48

The chassis on Models 6B10, 6B30, 6B42 and 6B45 are identical, consisting of an eight  tube A.C. operated, superheterodyne receiver with built in antenna, A.V.C.,
cathode-ray tube functioning as tuning or level indicator, tone control and a four push-button selector switch permitting five operations as follows:

(1) All buttons released:- Reception of radio programs from stations operating between 540 and 1600. KHz

The other operations are obtained by depressing the buttons from left to right as follows:-

(2) Phonograph.
(3) Public address system.
(4) Microphone recording.
(5) Radio programs recording

The data sheets do not explain the differences between models 6B10/30/42/45
A schematic for the 6B10/30/42/45 radios can be found here.

This is the model 6B30 packaged in a wooden , mantel style enclosure. . In this example, the knobs are missing. Download image to enlarge. 
/recordio_6B10 _nameplate.jpg
Due to double stamping, the model number on this nameplate is illegible. It is bellieved to be the model 6B30. 

b10_ben_wil_ad_s.jpg 6B10:  This ad for the 6B10 appeared in the October 1949 issue of Radio and Electric Trade Builder Magazine.The trade name for the 6B10 was "Portacorder" because it was a portable recorder. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.  (Image provided by Lewis Bodkin) 
Select this link for a Recordio Operators Manual.  6B40B/ 6B40M/ 6b42M/ 6B42W
Blank Recordio disks came as 8  inch, plexiglass disks and six to an album.
Reecordio blank disks also came with preprinted themes. The back side has a Demonstration Disc label pasted over it describing different Recordio models. There were three of these included with the recorder - two were  blank and one was pre-recorded. (Courtesy web site).
This is the flip side showing the demo visuals.

Contributors or References:

1) Ken Walsh <capestir(at)>
5) Lewis Bodkin [05bodkin555(at)]

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