MICMAC Badge courtesy of ReadyAyeReady.Com
BLAZON: Azure, a fern erect. Orange.

SIGNIFICANCE: This destroyer is named after the tribe of Indians who lived in Nova Scotia. There are many legends that have come down from past generations of Micmacs and one of the best known refers to a mythical being named Glooscap who dwelt on Cape Blomidon in the Bay Of Fundy. One of the tales about Glooscap states states that he was born a twin and that his twin brother was as evil as Glooscap was good. This twin brother, so the legend goes, began making trouble even before his birth and due to the unnatural circumstances of his birth, he was the cause of his mother's death at the time.

This evil one constantly tried to kill Glooscap who always succeeded in foiling these attempts on his life, till finally one day, becoming tired of the whole business Glooscap rushed out and grasping a fern out of the forest, he went after his evil twin brother and slew him with the fern. To be able to kill an opponent with a fern is of course fabulous, but then so is the whole myth of Glooscap. Nevertheless, to the Micmacs, Glooscap was a prophet of the Great Spirit and they believed that he was responsible for many of the blessings and successes that came their way in peace and in battle.

In selecting a fern as the badge for HMCS Micmac, it is felt that it has a definite reference to a ship of war, as the suggestion is implied that even as fragile a weapon as a fern, when used in the cause of right, can become quite formidable. In other words, it is the spirit of those who use the weapons of war that makes for success in battle. The fern in the design is shown gold to give the mythical touch, and the blue background is suggestive of the sea.

SHIP's COLOURS: Gold and Royal Blue.

MOTTO: "Melkedae"  (Fearless)


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