Wardroom, Korea, 1951. Fr.Row (L-R): LCdr(G) Wag Richardson - XO ; Cdr(P) ABF Fraser-Harris - CO; Lt(E) Hugh Clark EO

Middle.Row (L-R) : Lt.Dick Ratcliffe; Lt.Tony Slater GO;  COO Al Turner OO; 
Lt.(N) Al Miller NO; Lt.(L) Bill Christie LO; Surgeon Lt. Desmond Woods MO.

Back.Row  : (L-R)  Lt(S) Jim Drummond SO; Lt.Dave Pearce;  Lt. John Kerr; Lt.Ian (Red) Donald

Absent : ComOff(TAS) Art Butchart - TO 
(Submitted by Bill Christie bchris(at)@sympatico.ca>)


Front Row (L-R) : P1ET4 Buchanan; P2ET3 Hogan; P1ET4 Howe, C1ET4 Taylor;  Lt(L) Christie;  C2ET4 Bennett; C1RT4 Walker;  C2ET4 During; P1ET4 Evans

Back Row (L-R) : ABEM1s Strong, Letourneau, Wibberly, Pearson and Walker; OSEMS Newman;  ABEM1 Whitty; LSEM1  Duncan

Absent : P1RT4 Dodsworth; OSEMS Simard
(Submitted by Bill Christie <bchris(at)@sympatico.ca> )

Port Watch Nootka, Japan 1952 (Photo provided by Herb Morton)

Front row: (L to R)   Doyle, G Mullet, Clarence (Clare) Hatfield, LeBaron, P Tucker, T Young, Duncan.
2nd Row:  H Morton, Bennet, R Honour, E Haines, J Edwards, D Lovering, J Allston
3rd Row:  Rogers, A Morash, K Orchard, Smith, J Mier, G Payne, Saunders, W McCrimmon, Anger, H Whitman, A Seeley, M Johnston.
4th Row:  H Williamson, A Smith, C Rodgers, W Hicks.

Starboard Watch, Japan 1952. (Photo provided by Herb Morton)

Row 1: LT Nash, CPO Mason, Charlie Garside,Hodgins- Rossco Simms, unknown - PO???, Willy Reid, unknown. 
Row 2: Bill Pentney-??????- Bob Orr-??????
Row 3: John Attenbourgh, John Henson, Harold Hinch

Nootka Crew  (Mess Cake Winners 1952). (Photo provided by Herb Morton)

1st Row : CPO Mason, LT Nash, Capt Steel, PO Harold Hinch, Hogins, Maty Boutt.
2nd Row:  Charlie Carside, Egar Haines, PO Bob Orr, Scotty Rodger, Willy Reid, Herb Marton, L/S Duncan.
3rd Row: Spooki Penteny, L/S Walter King, PO Orchard, Bennett, Saunders,Strand, Messeruey, PO Almoky.
Very Back Row-  tallest  without beard, tallest is John Henson.He was in the RCN for 25 years and retired as a CP01.

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henry_robert_lee_s.jpg Nootka's Petty Officers on her second tour of duty in Korea.

2) George W. Casswell, 7322-H, CP01, C10T4, 
6) CPO Robert Leigh Henry 

(Photo submitted by Lynn M. Henry-Boutilier <lmbpublishing(at)eastlink.ca> 

213_2ndtour_s.jpg Can anyone assist with crew identification? This photo is likely from the ship's second tour of duty in Korea. Robert Leigh Henry is third from the left in the back row.
Harold Turpin who served two tours of duty in Korea, is the third man from the left, slightly back from the front row. (Photo submitted by Lynn M. Henry-Boutilier <lmbpublishing(at)eastlink.ca> 
213_ships_company_1959s.jpg Ship's company 1959. (Submitted by  Bill  Salmonbuster . E-mail: salmonbuster(at)rogers.com )

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