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Baguley , Jack

I joined up at HMCS Star in June 1958. Did basic training at Cornwallis from June 58 to Nov 58. Joined Stadacona Nov 58. for training as Armourers Mate until May 59. Then to the LaHulloise from May 59 until May 60. Then to the Nootka as ABFC1. Was aboard at the Azores, finishing NATO exercises when the Cuban Crisis started. Was part of the crew in Sorel, Quebec for refit. Some of the shipmates I can remember were: Bob Rehill (deceased) Dennis Wetzel, George Gaston, L/S John Tilley, Sid Thompson, Dave Arthurs.
Jack <jackbaguley(at)>

Bennett,  Robert

I served as a QM aboard Nootka from Dec 1954 to April 1956 during those many runs to Bermuda chasing subs. I was the starboard lookout the day we hit the breakwater while turning in the basin and then limping back to St. Johns NB for refit after. Have located, and been in touch with five shipmates from that era lately thanks to the Internet. Also served in the QUEBEC from March to August 1954 and Magnificent from November 1956 to June 1957. Now live in London Ontario . Would love to hear from any of my old shipmates.
Robert Bennet. E-mail  rbennett2462(at) or rbennett2462(at)

Boislard, Jean-Claude47986-H

After basic training at HMCS Cornwallis, I served in HMCS Nootka from April of 1960 to February of 1963 as ASWS. While reading about HMCS Nootka I did remember some names as Baguley, Johnson, Wetzel, Rehill, Gaston, Tilley, Thompson, Arthur, Lacombe, Miller and Theriault. There were many others that I have never seen or heard of after leaving the RCN in February of 1963.

From February of 1963 to February 1990, I was a Major Crimes Investigator with the Quebec Police Force and I also did serve as a negotiating Officer for hostages taking or barricaded persons situations. After retiring from the police force, I was hired as a Sr. Investigator Internal Security at Pratt & Whitney Canada and I stayed there for 17 years.

In January of 2007 I took retirement and I now do voluntary work in my community St-Basile-le-Grand in the Province of Quebec.
I would like to hear from any of my ex-shipmates.

Jean-Claude Boislard.

Bronson,  Roger

I joined in March of 59, Athabaska/St Croix Division in Cornwallis, Royal Guard/Sunset Guard for the      Queen's visit in 1959, FC1 Course, then joined Nootka in Dec/Jan 60. Met my future brother-in-law ABSN Eric White while onboard. Left Nootka in 1961 for FC2 course then joined Haida.
Roger Bronson CPO1 (Ret'd)  <roger.bronson(at)>

Cardy, John LSFC2

After serving in HMCS Haida for over three years, I asked for a draft off the ship and ended up on the Nootka. She was almost identical to the Haida. I picked up my hook a week later. I was on Nootka for about one and half years .The Great Lakes trip was good since I was the ship'sQM. When we where on Lake Erie I had 48 hours off at a time so I could go and visit my family and friends in Paris, Ontario. It was only a hour or two from home. After the ship got back to Slackers (Halifax) I was sent to the sonar school on Key West Florida where I spent the next three months.
E-mail: John Cardy <>

Christie, Bill

Served as L Officer in NOOTKA 1950-51
Ottawa, ON
E-mail: bchris(at)

Conway, Jerry

I was in HMCS Cornwallis, new entry class of March 1962. Then I joined the Restigouche division in September, 1962. By December 1962, I was posted to Stadacona and shortly thereafter to the Nootka in 1963.

In Nootka I quickly learnt to sling my hammock and experience life at sea.  On my first trip out of Halifax I was so sea sick that all I could do was lay on the boot lockers and pray to die! After lunch, I couldn't move and missed "hands fall in".  Then a hand reached down and grabbed me by the collar. It was the Bosun who explained to me that this wasn't a (expletive) pleasure cruise and took me to the galley.  Here, I was given the job of emptying the slops garbage can, carrying it aft to the garbage shoot and washing it out.  I can still remember it to this day.

Lunch had been pork, potatoes and gravy with blueberry pie for duff......I thought I had felt bad before but that really did it for me. As an  OD, I was more scared of the Bosun so I just carried on.  I can only remember a couple of my crew mates ; John Cardy (I was his Bos'ns mate on occasion) and Gordy Melanson.

In 1963, three of us, Scotty MacDonald, Jimmy Wilson and I were on shore leave in Norfolk Virgina.  Jimmy was from Windsor Ontario and a black Canadian.  As was required at the time, we were in our number "1"s and as is normal and like  all good sailors we eventually found a bar. If I recall correctly, it was  called "Bunny's Trade Winds Tavern".  When we entered and sat at the bar and ordered our drinks the bar tender, a pretty young lady pointed to a sign which indicated that blacks were not allowed in the bar, a common issue at that time in the USA.We weren't going to accept this and pointed out to the lady that we were Canadian sailors and the colour bar didn't apply to us. She thought about this for a minute and eventually agreed with our point.  All of us then proceeded to enjoy the afternoon just to make a point while drinking cheap beer.

Would like to hear from some of my old shipmates. Contact me at::  <conwaycwi(at)>

Cote, John

I served on Nootka from 16 Nov 1959 to 5 March 1961. It was my first ship. I was an OSCV (Communications Visual). I fondly remember the forward lower messdeck. On many occasions we forgot to close the scuttles and
got drenched when we encountered a large wave. Also the "first ashore best dressed" routine. I remember the first day I joined the ship with George Vair from NB. The Yeoman (PO1 Murphy) was duty Coxn. His first words were "Welcome aboard, you're in the forward lower. It's a #$%# mess get some buckets and mops and clean it"
Would like to say HI to all former shipmates.
John Cote    e-mail   johncote(at)

Dawson, Donald

Joined the RCN in October 1949.  Basic training in Cornwallis and Supply training in Esquimalt.  On return to Halifax from BC was drafted to the minesweeper "Wallaceburg" and then to "Nootka" in late 1951.
LSVS1 11713-H
E-mail: "Betty & Don Dawson" <d___dawson(at)>

Donovan, Mike  (LSTD)

RCN '52-'57 . Served on HMC Ships Quebec,Toronto, and  Nootka
London, Ontario
E-mail: m_donovan(at)

Genereaux, Douglas B

I served on the Nootka under Cdr Creery. Joined Nootka in January 1960 fresh from basic training. Was aboard for approximately 2 years. Also served on HMC ships  Columbia, Bonaventure.Was on PNO staff for HMCS  Protector and commisioned same. I was honourably discharged in March 1971. Now reside and work in Campbellsville Kentucky, and looking forward to retiring next year.
e-mail: "Douglas Genereaux" <generead(at)>

Gervais, Paul

Served in Nootka in 1956. I was a CV rating working as a signalman. Did the trips to Bermuda with many high seas on the return. Followed a few sub alerts and enjoyed the $2.00 rum bottle ashore at Hamilton. Went from Nootka to the Lanark in 1957 in the OfficerTtraining Program.

Paul Gervais
E-mail  <>

 Grist, Cecil: CPO2

Served in the navy from 1954 to 1975. In Nootka, from Aug. 1955 to Dec. 1956. Now live in Seaforth, Ontario.
email: cecil.grist(at)

Haley,  Len

Served on Nootka 213 and Haida 215 during the 1950's and 1960's. Would like to hear from other shipmates.

Len Haley
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
e-mail: izzylen(at)

Harris,  Ken

Served aboard the Nootka in 1959. Daughter Linda was christened aboard Nootka. Ken passed away at age 83 in Langley, BC.

Hatfield, Clarence (Clare)

I served in HMCS Nootka during her second tour of duty to Korea.  Was drafted aboard at HMCS Esquimalt on return from her first tour.  Had just finished  my trades training at Esquimalt. While browsing the photo section of the Nootka web page, I recognize many of the crew, especially the Stokers & ERAs. After Nootka I served in HMCS Quebec where I finished my time in the navy.  Upon leaving, my career went on for another 20 years in the RCAF as a Air Force policeman, then an additional twenty years with the police force in London, Ontario.  I'm now retired and live in Sarnia Ont and Zephyrhills, Florida
Clare     e-mail: clarehatfield(at)

Hill,  Clarence William

I served in Nootka in 1951 and my nickname was "Bunker Hill" .Would like to hear from any shipmates.
Fred Addy and Ron Lynch are two that I remember.
William Bunker Hill  <kayhamjafari(at)>

Johnston, Harris

Harris(John-o) Johnston CD   (Nootka 1959-1961)

I joined the RCN in 1954. I was drafted to Nootka In Nov.1959 as a LSCR2 , CDR Creery was Capt (a very fine Skipper and gentleman). CPO Sutherland was Cox'n (deceased)   Names I remember from the communications Branch are: Lt. Holland (Comm-Officer)….. Sparkers were … (Potels)  PICR Jim English (Deceased)  ..P2/PICR Bill  Pitul -  Retired as a L/CDR .
PI CR George (Buck) Taylor(Deceased)    Others were LSCR Bob Amirault- Ken Dix-ABCR Paul(PG from St. C)Garry(Deceased)
G.(Call me Skin) Robillard- Ray(Father  RL) Priest…F Cosomello(Deceased).. W .Marty Martell…. Garnet Gow .. Taylor
Sigs were PICV B Murphy.(Yeoman) P2Cv Andy Belland ..LSCV Joe (skin) Reeves..LS D. Dospital ….Bill Cripps..John Huxley
John Cote.. George Vair…….. RS Rates…LS Warmington- AB McEachern.

The forward lower mess was something else….We had slinging spots for 12-14 Hammocks. On Fall Ex.'60, We had 23-24 Bodies To find a spot for: It was an experience to draw your meal at the Galley, and make your way to the ForwardLower especially if    it was rough, and you had a couple of tots. I served on Nootka until the ship went into refit  in Sorell, Que. In the fall of 1961.

During my time in the Navy I served on the HMCS Lauzon-Cap de la Madeliene- Nootka- Fundy-Kootnay-Albro Lake Radio Station (Twice).In 1969 I left the Navy…( Honorably Discharged) . came back to PEI and got involved in  the Food processing Industry  and in  early 2000  sold my company to a National Food Processing Company. My wife and I live in Charlottetown PEI. Would enjoy hearing from any old and new shipmates. I can be reached at <hsjohnston(at)>
All the best.
Harris (John-o) Johnston

Harrison, Gord

I served in Nootka from May 1963 until February 1964 when she was paid off. Was John Cardy's Bos'n Mate many times. Have great memories of 19 days alongside in Windsor, Ontario and passing out crying towels to all the girls as we slipped from the jetty en route to Erie, Pennsylvania. Was also "in the chains" just prior to depositing our fo'c'sle on the breakwater at Ireland Island, Bermuda in the fall of '63. We filled the bows with NBCD plugs and cement; and limped back to Slackers.

I finished up the navy in fall of 1988, and served 7 years full time Reserve, retiring in 1995. If there's any one out there who wants to say hi, my e-mail address is: gordonharrison(at)

Gord Harrison  RCN Ret.

Holtby, George

I did my sea time in NOOTKA 1947-1948. Also served in HMCS IROQUOIS, NEW LISKERD, MAGNIFICENT, LA HULLOISE, HAIDA, and WALLACEBURG  from 1946 to 1951 as ABSM.
E-mail:  GHLBY(at)

Hurst, Ron  LSRT  31210-H

I joined Nootka in 1957 after completing the radio course at Stadacona. There were three " RTs " aboard as I recall, myself, Larry Griffin and Norm " Scotty / Knobby " Clark. Our chief was Murphy, a fine man. I was drafted off Nootka in October of 1958 and sent to Vancouver where the  Kootenay was in the final stages of her being built. I took my discharge in Vancouver in April of 1959 shortly after Kootenay was commissioned.

One of the things I recall on the Nootka was having a first Lt who always wanted the record " Road To The Isles" played when we were sailing out of Halifax. As the " RTs " were in charge of the SRE equipment, it was always our job to put on this record for him, a record which none of us really appreciated. One evening after a few tots the RTs decided that the record should be retired and it was given a deep six burial.

The next time we left harbor I was called up by the Jimmy wondering why his record did not play while leaving harbor. I told him that the ship's crew enjoyed the record so much that someone had borrowed it and it's whereabouts were unknown. I was drafted off before he replaced it if he ever did. There are many great stories from the Nootka, I enjoyed all my time with her.

Ron Hurst
E-mail: <ronhur(at)>

Isles, Ken

I  served in Nootka from Sept 1948 to Aug 1949 and under the command by Capt. Storrs. During that period we made coastal cruises , escorted the Maggie and had operational cruises with the  US Navy out of Key West Florida. We visited St. John's Nfld to raise the Canadian flag when Newfoundland joined Canada. We were escorting Maggie for a visit to Boston Mass to celebrate Bunker Hill Days in July, 1949 when Maggie ran aground off White Point Beach, near Liverpool, Nova Scotia. That was at the beginnning of my 28 years in the Marine Engineering Department. My last ship was the building, original commissioning at Sorel and then the Engineering Officer of DDH 280. My last position with the Navy was Production Operation Officer of Halifax Dockyard. I am presently retracing my career with the Navy.
Thanks for the opportunity to research some naval history.

Ken Isles, CEng, FI MarE, CD
e-mail: Kenisles(at)
(902) 866-408

Jatiouk , Don 11733-H

On board Nootka as ABRP3 from October 1951 to December 1952. Skipperd by Cdr. Dick (Stainless) Steele. The Div. officer was Lt. Hal Tilley, ships navigator.

22 Riverview Rd.
Alliston Ont. L9R1R8
Phone & F.A.X. are the same: 705-435-7961
E-Mail is: donjatgrnbr(at)

Jones, Douglas P2ET4

RCN from 1954 to 1964. Served in Nootka between 1954 to 1955 - a total of three times over 10 years.
Now live in Goderich, Ontario.

I may be contacted via <ddwross213(at)>

Langhorn , Peter

She was the last ship I sailed on. I was in the RCN from Aug.1958 until July 1963 after serving at Cornwallis with the 2/58 Restigouche Division. Served on the Outremont as a radar plotter, as well as on the "Bonnie", Shearwater and finally Nootka. What I recall most of my service onboard her is October of 1962 we were in San Juan, Puerto Rico and left port very quickly. Once in open waters the ship went to emergency stations and it seems we sailed liked this for12 hours or so. We were never told the purpose of that condition, but do believe it had to do with the Cuban missile crisis. Perhaps we were standing off near the trouble spot, doing watch-keeping.

I had a ball on Nootka and all the other ships I served in and would do it all over again. Would like to her from any former shipmates.

Peter Langhorn,
Edmonton,  AB.
Joined the RCN at HMCS Star, Hamilton, Ont. August, 1958
e-mail langhorn22(at)

Lawrence, Jack

awrence_jack.jpgJack Lawrence served on Nootka  Aug 7 1946 to Mar 26 1947. He is deceased as of October 21 1998.
Marshall, J.F.  A.B.S.N.1

I was a member of the crew of Nootka from early 1962 until she was paid off. One of the people I remember most was Cdr. Murphy. I ran into him one occassion at Stadaconna after we paid off and made a whole lot of officers and NCO's very surprised when I spoke to him as a ship mate and not a superior officer  in pusser Stadaconna. It made my day.
Jim Marshall
e-mail:  <jfmarsh030442(at)>

McQueston, William   LSCV2

RCN from 1954 to 1959 Served in Nootka from Aug. 1955 to Nov. 1956
Now live in London, Ontario.

Moore, Richard Stewart "Archie"

Served on the Nootka for two years, from 1955 to 1957 as a sonar operator. I'm 80 years old now but I would still like to hear from former shipmates.  At this time I can be contacted through my son Don Moore <dmoore1(at)>

Morton,  Herb (Mort) Stoker.

I was drafted to Nootka, in Sept 1951, along with Charlie Garside, Fred Doyle and Bert Tindall. She was in Halifax, under repairs.  After work-ups and trials, we left for Korea on Dec 30th 1951. Passage was through the Panama, Mexico, San Diego, Pearl Harbor.  More work-ups, than to Midway, arriving in Sasebo Japan Feb 12 1952. What I remember most was the night we were leaving Nov 9/52. Petty Officer Moeash and myself, when below to #1 boiler room to flash up the ship for steaming. I'm not sure if it was because of dirty bilges or our stupidity, we had a fire. Thanks to all the fine engineering personal, Chief Granney Mason P.O Steamer Smith, my good friend Scotty Rodger, who put on the M.S.A.gear and was the one who came down and got me out. They removed  Morash latter and he was taken to a RN Hospital ship. I never saw Moe after that.

They made me Stoker P.O. Messman for the trip back, and I must say those guys were great. The fire was put out by using steam smothering. Later I was informed that quick thinking by Chief Witman controlled the fire and prevented it from spreading to the other boiler rooms. If any one could add  any more details to this please free  to do so.

We then sailed for home the next day by way of  Hong Kong , Singapore, Mid east , Med, Gibraltar and home to good old Halifax, on  Dec17th. Great memories and great shipmates.
Thanks to all of you.
Herb Morton.
E-mail:  <oldcdog(at)>

Pollock, Gary  38236-H

Nootka was my first ship.  I was an OS/ABLM and the time frame was 1958-59.  The after-lower starboard side was home for the electricians and the comm rates were on the port side.  Hugh Leigh and Denis Tully are a couple
of mates that come to mind.  Chief ET was ''Deadly'' Leadly, Chief RT was ''Acid'' Johnston, P1EG  was Charlie Donkin, PIED was Dave Nairn.  The P1EF's name I can't for the life of me remember (he was also the ship's
diver), One of the P2EFs was Ralph Hassell.  The 'L' Officer was Lt. (L) John ''Joc'' Allen who went on to become Vice-Admiral Allen, Commander, Maritime Command.
Email:  gary.pollock(at)

Ross, Don

HMCS Nootka was the first ship I was posted to after leaving communications school at HMCS Cornwallis  In the summer of 1955, I went aboard in St John N.B.  She was completing repairs after hitting the wall in Bermuda. 5.  I was one of about 6 visual signalmen.  During my time, we made 13 trips to Bermuda in company with one of two RN submarines.  We always had aboard a class from the ASDIC school in Stadacona. We spent many hours running in circles chasing those elusive subs.  I was aboard for approximately 18 months.  From there I went to Stadacona to await the commissioning of HMCS Saguenay in the Halifax Shipyard.

Now living in Goderich Ontario
Donald Ross
E-mail:   don.ross(at)

Sampson, Leo

L/SQM Leo [Sam] Sampson Nov.1954- Dec 1956. Looking for shipmates especially Charlie [Fingers] King
E-mail: Sampson <leosampson.ns(at)>

Scott, Cam

I served in HMCS Nootka as an O/S RP from April 1962 until April 1963. We left from Shearwater and flew in one of those CF 119’s to St Hubert’s Quebec ,when you were able to look outside. You could see the wings moving up and down. We then took a bus to Marine Industries in Sorel Quebec for a few weeks before going to Halifax.

I remember having to sling my mick in the tiller flats because there was no room in the mess deck. The RP’s on board were P1RP Ed Harris, L/S Gord Routier, L/S Ron Bettti, L/S Ivan Foote AB Harry Girarrd , AB Bruce Barnette, AB Pete Langhorn, O/S Frank Shelley, O/S Clarence Thorne,  O/S Reg  Ernst O/S Frank Wayboda I may have missed a few.

The operations Officer was Lt Commander McNabb and his assistant was S/LT Gracie  the Captain was Commander King.  I remember when we had to return to Halifax as the Cuban crises broke out we returned alone as we had some mechanical problems and were delayed a few days, we picked up many who were on leave in the UK.  I remember hammocks slung in the flats After we arrived in the Azores to fuel, the captain had all ships company closed up 4 on 4 off you never forget that after 5 days you felt like a zombie.

I remember the  buffer P1BN  (Red)  Parsons and several others.
I enjoyed my first of 5 ships during my 8 years at sea

Be glad to hear from former shipmates
Cam Scott ,  Niagara Falls Ontario

Tindall, Bert

Was a crew member from September 1951 to January 1953 and would like to hear from former shipmates. Please contact me through my grandson at e-mail: "Kevin Golbeck" <k_golbeck(at)>

Vair, George

I served in the Nookta from November 16, 1959 until April 12 1961. The Nookta was my first ship and I was fresh out of Comm. School as an OSCV1. I have some fond memories of my time on the Nookta. As well as others that I hung out with at the time, I have some special memories of time spent with John Cote, John Huxley and Willie Wilson. After the Nootka I went to the message centre at Stadacona for a year, then finished out my five years on the Bonaventure, being honourably discharged on November 13, 1963. I am now retired and living in Saint John, New Brunswick. Would be interested in chatting with old shipmates. e-mail: gvair(at)

Walter, John Ross “Terry”, Lt(N), CD -  MARS (Maritime Surface/Sub-Surface)

terry_walter.jpgTerry Walter served in HMCS NOOTKA from 20 Apr 1956 to 27 Aug 1957 as a OSLM1/ABLM1. He took his commission and was later Sub-Lieutenant onboard HMCS NOOTKA from 24 May 1962 until transferred to HMCS INCH ARRAN in February 1964.

The names of all three of his sons, James Angus, Douglas Ross and Daryl Bruce are all engraved on the ship's bell, currently located in Holden, Alberta. He served Her Majesty faithfully from 1954 to 1989, the last three years being in the Reserves.

After leaving the RCN/CF, he became a hobby farmer north of Napanee, Ontario.  He often spoke to his son, Bruce about his days in the Navy, mentioning especially his friendship with Dave Nairn, Ken Leadley, and Tom Sawyer. Tom also served in NOOTKA.

Terry died February 4th, 2012 in Kingston, Ontario and was interred in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. Upon hearing of his passing, a former shipmate on HMCS ASSINIBOINE, Terry Brockway, Capt (N) ret’d, wrote:
 “Your father was polite, moderate, kind, cheerful and was a good and respected man in all ways.  You and your family have every right to be proud of his contribution to the Navy.  I can also say to you that it was an honour and privilege for me to have served with such a great and respected naval officer as Terry Walter!”

Bio provided by Bruce Walter <>

Watt, Hart   ABTD1,   44536-H

Ships company Nov. 1959 to June 1961. Drafted to HMCS Stadacona June /61 for two weeks until drafted to HMCS Loon, Bird Class Patrol Boat.  Please drop me a line.
E-mail: <hart.watt(at)>

Zerbin, Hal


One of our members of the Chief & PO's Association Pacific has been trying to remember an incident aboard Nootka in 1946 while he was a crew member. Like all of us, he is aging and details are becoming vague. He says this happened while Nootka was acting as plane guard for Warrior. Just as the off watch was mustering after dinner to commence work, a freak wave washed some of them overboard. As they were executing the recovery semi circle with a full starboard wheel, the heelover washed away the seaboat which had been partially lowered. He says all personnel were recovered but I would appreciate any details about this incident as I hope to publish it in our West coast Association  "Bulletin", of which I am the editor.  Any assistance which can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Yours aye,
Hal Zerbin.
e-mail:  <hzerb(at)>

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