Detailed purpose of position: ?

The following equipment was used in this position:

Co-ordinate Quantity Model Description Comments
2 1 ? ATT Control Panel Model unknown
  1 1508 Visecorder Need info
  1 904720 Takeup unit for 1506 Nerd info
  1 T6GA-500 ? Need info
  3   SP Patch Panel Model unknown
  1 GMA 3 Type 3001 Amplifier SERV Unit Need info
  7 GVA·l  Amplifiers Need info
  1 HP-6204B Power Supply 40 Volt / 0.6 Amp / 12 W DC
  1 SA-4641 Sync Amplifier Need info
  1 PP-3114/WLR-l Used  for ELNIT  Need info

Co-ordinate Quantity  Model Description  Comments
2A 1 MK-442/WLR-l Used for ELINT Need info
  1 SG-333/WLR-l Used for ELINT  Need info
  1 S-99030 ? Need info
  1 ? Audio SBL panel Need info
  1 Fairchild 777 Oscilloscope  Bandwidth? 
  1 HP-6433 Power Supply 0-32VDC  0-10 amps

Co-ordinate Quantity  Model Description  Comments
2B 1 R-390A/URR Receiver 500 KHz to 32 MHz
  1 R-1151/GLQ Receiver Need info
  1 R-1307A/GR  Receiver 4 KHz to 812 KHz. Made by Rycom Instruments.
It was designed to provide accurate field strength
measurements of various transmitters. It is an all 
mode receiver that be used to listen to about 
anything one might find in the VLF range.

The NSA Damage Assessment report indicated what equipment was destroyed and what was damaged. This is the actual view of  the equipment at coordinates 2, 2A and 2B. Legend Crosshatch = destroyed; Grid = damaged.

This image shows the layout of the equipment in each rack for co-ordinates  2, 2A and 2B.

If anyone can provide further details , please contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca

Contributors or Credits:

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2) R390 image courtesy Wikipedia
3) R-1307A/GR image courtesy Radiomuseum.org.
4) R-1407 copy courtesy http://www.aa5tb.com/rycom.html
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6) HP 6433 power supply  http://lcweb2.loc.gov/master/mbrs/recording_preservation/manuals/HP%20Mode%206433B%20DC%20Power%20Supply.pdf

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