Radio IAR Operations Room in 1957 . (Photo courtesy Alfredo de Cristofaro)
Rome Radio was on the air continuously from 1954 until its closure on 31 October, 2005. It was the main Italian coastal radio station which served the Italian navy, Italian merchant ships and international seafarers on the H/F bands using both CW and SSB.

On October 26, a message which announced the closure was copied by  Sylvester Foecking, DH4PB, on 8670 kHz. The message was sent in both Italian and English. Only the Enghish version follows:

cq cq cq de IAR IAR =

This is the final transmission from Roma Radio morse service.
We conclude our watchkeeping after many years of continuous
service with pride and sadness on October the 31st. Telecom
Italia coast stations wishes all seafarers fair winds and
following seas. We salute all who have served our profession
with skill and dedication through the years.

 = de iar iar  ar sk


Photo and information courtesy of Alfredo de Cristofaro, IK6IJF .  E-mail:  <ik6ijf(at)>

An unofficial web site for Rome Radio has been set up at:
From the photo section of the web site, the changes which have transpired over the decades are every evident

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