B-29 Receiver docs
BR222 Index Notes on W/T sets circa 1932
BR222 Data  Part 1 of 2 Notes on W/T sets circa 1932
BR222  Data Part 2 of 2 Notes on W/T sets circa 1932
BRCN 213  NATO Class 5955  Piezoelectric Crystals Crystal frequencies used by the RCN circa August 1963.
BRCN 213  NATO Class 6625  RCN Class 478 Test instruments used by the RCN circa October 1961
Clocks NATO 6645-21-558 Time Measuring Instruments (aka clocks) , circa 1960
FH3 HFDF set  Operators manual 
IFF HISTORY (British) 
NATO Parts Decode  From BRCN 213
RAK-7 receiver manual  Includes references to RAL
 VT To JAN and JAN To VT Tube Cross referemce. 

The following equipment is shown as being in use by the RCN in the 1960 time frame however the ship or shore establishment where it was fitted or used  is not known at this time .Information for the table below was extracted from the RCN Catalogue of Material BRCN213. This document is a cross reference from NATO to RCN Part codes.

267MW Radar
AN/AIC-501 Public Address set
AN/SPG-48 Gunnery radar
AN/SPN-7 Radio navigation 
AN/SPS-8A Radar
AN/SSQ-14 Sonobuoy transmitter
AN/UPM-6B Test Equipment
AN/UPM-8  Test Equipment
AN/UPN-7 Radar beacon
AN/URM-25D Test Equipment
AN/URM-50B Test Equipment
A/S 668 Underwater Sound Equipment 
DR-8A Underwater Sound Equipment
FTL-14A Radio navigation 
JK Radar
Loran Mk2  Mfrxs No. 1260 and 5501
SG-31/U Test Equipment
TE-311  Haailer equipment 
VD-2 Radar repeater 
VL-1 ?

1) Jam Drent, Marine Museum of British Columbia,

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