Gander - Low Level Aerial Photos 
gander_aerial_vrr2656_2185s1.jpg This aerial view shows the base structures plus three PMQs. The photo was taken on September 1, 1965 from an altitude of 2,800 feet. Note the cleared vegetation in the left portion of the photo which is indicative of the size of the base. The rhombic antenna arrays were to the right of the Operations Building.   (National Air Photo Library photo # VRR 2656-2815)
gander_aerial_vrr2656_2185_base_pmq_s.jpg Close up view of the base structures and PMQ's. Note that the right side of the Operations Building is painted in red and white checkers as an aircraft warning. 
The Operations was in old house with the receivers situated on the main floor along with the galley/mess and the administration office. Living quarters, a recreation  room plus a bar were situated on the second floor. (National Air Photo Library photo # VRR 2656-2815)

1- Maintenance Workshop
2- Garage
3- ?
4- ?
5- ?
6 - Operations Building
7 - Three PMQ's (at very bottom of enlargement)
8 - Technical work shop

Gord Walker recalls "that line running behind the PMQs parallel to the road were  CN-CP landlines that came into the base from the direction of the PMQs. They were attached to trees as well as a few poles, sometimes not more than 6 or 7 feet above the ground.  Taylor (Punchy) Gordon, the Chief at the time, had me out on a couple of occasions in the dark of night trying to locate wire breaks where wildlife had become entangled with the wires.  It was heavily wooded and it was not unusual for black bears to be in the area of the base and PMQs. It was not a comfortable place to be at night and the black flies didn't help either".

Contributors and References:

1) National Air Photo Library
2) Gord Walker <walker6(at)>


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