Gander Memorabilia
NRS Gander jacket patch. (Image courtesy Morley McAllister)

Gander Welcome Book. These booklets, around 16 pages in size, described the station, its heritage and the ship's badge if applicable. There was usually a welcoming message  at the beginning of the book from the Commanding Officer. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

A copper/bronze plaque such as this would have been issued to all personnel who served at CFS Gander. Size: 4.5" x 6.0" Weight: 15.5 oz  (438g). (Photo by William Wexler) 

Contributors and References:

1) Ray White - provided NRS Gander jacket patch. <r.p.white(at)>
2) William Wexler <b.wex(at)>

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April 11/09