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1958: Navy lodge on Jonathan's Pond, Gander. (From the collection of D.S.K. Blackmore. Submitted by Donna Loewen)
Gord Walker who served at Gander recalls the lodge." It was very much a work in progress in 1967-69 and I, as holder of a DND driver's licence, carried many loads of building materials, furniture, etc. in the old "Blue Goose" for Taylor (Punchy) Gordon who was the building's unofficial caretaker at the time.  It was quite a slope down to the pond and the "Goose" had mechanical brakes, so sometimes with a heavy load and even in low gear it was a job to get stopped otherwise you would enter the pond".
Gander Airport as seen in 1970. (Photo by Bill Collings. Submitted by Ron Collings) 
Gander Airport - Vital Statistics
City:   Gander, Newfoundland
Name: Gander International Airport

Latitude: 48°56'13"N (48.936944)
Longitude: 54°34'05"W (-54.568056)
Elevation: 496 ft (151 m)
Timezone: UTC-3:30 (DST-2:30)
Runways: 3
Longest Runway: 10200 × 200 ft (3109 × 61 m)

1970: Hudson IIIA (A-29). During the Canadian Centennial Year (1967), a group of volunteers at Gander decided to erect a monument to the crews of the Royal Air Force Ferry Command who were so vital to the Allied success. A Hudson bomber located at Field Aviation in Toronto was donated to Gander. The acquisition of this coveted Hudson was largely due to the work of A.J. Lewington, Les Gettel, Jack James and particularly Marsh Jones of EPA for flying the Hudson to Gander on May 17, 1967. The aircraft had previously been owned by Kenting Airlines. Once in Gander the Hudson was mounted on a pedestal near the airport. In 1990, volunteers at Gander's 103 Rescue Unit refurbished the BW769 and painted it as T9422 to commemorate the historic flight of D.C.T. Bennett of 1940. (Photo by Bill Collings. Submitted by Ron Collings) 
Gander aerial photo. (Photo source unknown).
The Gander Airport approach plate. (Image provided by Spud Roscoe)

Gander Airport on  September 11, 2001 when all commericial air traffic was grounded in North America. (Photo courtesy Spider Web Net)

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