Inuvik - Receiving Site Satellite Photos 
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#1 - This aerial-mosaic from 1973 shows a 300 meter clearing for a Pusher antenna, an array of towers and the area occupied by the Operations Building. In a Pusher, the inner ring of antennas is 50 meters in diameter while the outer ring is 150 meters.
(Government of Canada, Photomap 107B/7, submitted by Bill Robinson)
#2  - 2006: Relative distance from the Town of Inuvik to the Operations Building as denoted by the green arrow. (Image courtesy Google Maps)
# 3   2006: Close up of the base property showing the relative distance to the main road. (Image courtesy Google Maps)
#4  2006: This view from an equivalent altitude of 4,000 feet shows what's left of the entire receiving site. 1. Operations Building 2. Unknown 3. Pusher antenna. (Image courtesy Google Maps)
# 5 2006: Exiting the Pusher antenna circle is a J-shaped road. It was not there when Inuvik was active.  This is a natural gas line. Natural gas is sent to Inuvik via underground pipeline which originates 50 km north of Inuvik in the Caribou Hills.(Image courtesy Google Maps)
# 6 2006: Closeup view of the structures within the inner circle of the former Pusher antenna . A large structure has been built in the circle since Inuvik closed. What is it?  (Image courtesy Google Maps)
#7 2006: Just north of the Operations building ( green arrow) is an inverted Vee shaped road. What was here?   (Image courtesy Google Maps)
#8  2006: Closeup of Vee shaped road. What was it for? (Image courtesy Google Maps)

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