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From the road to #4 D/F shack in 1946. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron) 1944: One of the D/F shacks whose identity is not known at this time. (Photo courtesy Vin Crane) 
February 1946: Clearing the roads to the D/F shacks and the highway using a Caterpillar bulldozer. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)
Coverdale at night in 1946. Looking north west from D/F shack #2. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)
The Wrens living quarters (foreground) and Ops building (background) as seen from the water tower during a thaw in February 1946. At the left is the maintenance building. The road in the upper left leads to D/F shack #4. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)

1946: The actual installation of a single band CRDF set. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)
1946: The actual installation of a 3 band CRDF set. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)

1952: A path  has been cleared in the snow to access the flag mast. (Photo courtesy John Murison) 

This rare photo shows two water towers at Coverdale, ostensibly in preparation for the demolition of one.  The rhombic antenna masts seen in this photo are the replacement ones erected after the destruction of the previous antenna farm during the ice-storm of Jan 1956. (Photo by Ray White)

Dam Construction: Since the water supply at Coverdale was found inadequate for fire protection of the station, a new water supply system was scheduled for completion in January 1961. The system included a 20 million gallon reservoir approximately 1 mile from the station buildings. The dam was still under construction in the summer of 1961. (A DND photo provided by Don Cameron)

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