At Coverdale, on August 29/44,  Lt. Evelyn Cross cuts the birthday cake to commemorate the second anniversary of the establishment of the WRCNS organization. To her right is the the Rev. Freestone. (Canadian War Museum photo R-2.3)

Wren Sidney Dymond (now deceased) became a Judge in the jurisdiction of Toronto. Here she is standing outside a D/F shack. (Photo courtesy Doris Hope) 
Wren Sidney Dymond stokes the stove inside the D/F shack. There were three watches  with three  operators a watch (one in each shack), and one killick to organize times and manage details. (Photo courtesy Doris Hope)

coverdale_pelly.jpg coverdale_lessard_e.jpg
Joan Pelly (nee Fraser) shovels coal for the stove in in D/F #3 shack during the winter of 1944-45. She married Lt. John Pelly, RN, son of Capt. G.C. Pelly, RN. of Ingatestone, England. (Photo via Joan Pelly) Elsa Lessard in the backyard of a home in  Gunningsville NB, the closest village to Coverdale. Taken in the winter of 1944-45. (Photo courtesy Vin Crane)
coverdale_3years.jpg coverdale_don_cameron.jpg
Four of the original Coverdale operators. 
(L-R): Lavinia Crane, Alice Rutherford Adams, Muriel Ramsey McRobbie and Mary Black Gamble. (Photo courtesy Vin Crane)
Don Cameron in front of  DF shack #3 in 1946. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)

coverdale_lowrey.jpg coverdale_mackay.jpg
L. Tel (SO) 'Irish Lowrey atop a snowdrift in 1946. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron) 1946: L.Tel (GS) Graham MacKay working through 5 foot drifts to clear a path to the Ops Building. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron)
coverdale_williams.jpg coverdale_leedham.jpg
1946: Even the Chiefs and Petty Officers shovelled. 'Bungy" Williams is the chap in the foreground. (Photo courtesy Don Cameron) 1952: Wren Lois Leedham. (Photo courtesy John Murison)
coverdale_wrens_1951_s.jpg Coverdale 1951: (Click to enlarge). This was the first group of Wrens to arrive at Coverdale since WWII. They were recruited into the Supplementary Radio Branch. Provided here are their surnames at birth. If anyone can fill in the blanks, please contact :  (DND photo via John Murison) 

Back Row L-R -  Lois Leedham, Hilda Nichols, ? Whitman, Maureen McGirr 
Middle Row L-R - Jean Espy, Sheila Moore, Doreen Patterson, Ruth Babcock, Enid Coffin, Unknown, Penny Rennie, Valentine Day, Joy (Tyo) Penny, Unknown
Front Row L-R - Unknown, Audrey Juckes, Pam Limbrick, Lorraine Brown, Shirleen Cooper, Barb Schmidt, Unknown, Dorothy Willet and Kay Pattison
Sitting on floor -  Lorretta Peets

? means that first name is not known at this time. 
Lois Leedham became Mrs John Murison
Barb Schmidt married R. McLean
Audrey Juckes was Mrs Sheldon Duffy but her husband is now deceased.
Hilda Nichols married John Powroz . 

coverdale_tower_1952.jpg coverdale_tyo_schmidt.jpg
1952: Water tower and visiting submariner. The masts for the rhombic antennas are now in evidence. (Photo courtesy John Murison)  Winter 1952: Barb Schmidt (front) and Joy Tyo (back). (Photo courtesy John Murison) 

coverdale_schofield.jpg coverdale_andy.jpg
1952: Les Schofield - Driver. (Photo courtesy John Murison)  1952: Andy (?) was a friend to everybody. He was a civilian Stationery Engineer in the boiler room. (Photo courtesy John Murison) 

1952: Wrens Espy, Schmidt, Willett, Rennie and Juckes at Shediac Beach. (Photo courtesy John Murison) 

coverdale_deer.jpg coverdale_roscoe_locker.jpg
1959: On Easter Sunday, a deer became trapped inside the fence at Coverdale. Offering assistance were (L to R): Dick Ogren, Gary McRae, Calvin Diamond and Bill "Flip" Phillips. Dick was a CT1 - a U.S. Navy Communications Technician First Class. The rest are Canadian and all were ABCS1 ratings. Behind the group is an example of the fence which surrounded the base and one of the rhombic antenna masts. (Photo by Spud Roscoe). 1959:  Spud Roscoe standing at his open locker at the foot of his bed in Dormitory 1, Bed 4. (Photo courtesy Spud Roscoe)

1959: Spud Roscoe in his favourite position doing a deckhead survey from Bed #4 in  Dormitory #1 in the new barrack building  At Gloucester Spud had double bunks but here he felt he owed the Wrens for the single beds at Coverdale. (Photo courtesy Spud Roscoe)

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